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I went to Affordable Dentures in Dothan, AL, to have a complete set of "Custom" dentures made. They made a wax impression of both my old upper and lower dentures, and from that made wax dentures for me to try before they made them.

They did not explain the procedure clearly to me and when they gave me the wax dentures to try on, they handed me a smudged up mirror to look at them. The girl said they looked good, and from what I could see in the smudged mirror, they looked ok. (I want to note here that they also do not let anyone come back there with you to give their opinion on how the dentures look!) Next thing I know they're telling me to initial a paper. Well, when I picked up the permanent dentures a few hours later, they were horrible!

Although the fit and *** are good, the teeth are too flat and too short and with them in my mouth, it looks as though I don't have any teeth. Plus, it affected my speech and I talk with a lisp when I'm wearing these new dentures. My upper lip area under my nose looks like it's sucked in when I have the dentures in, too. I took them back and told the lady who talked to me that I was not happy with the upper denture as the teeth were too short and they certainly did not enhance my appearance.

She went and told the Dentist and he sent her back to me saying that the wax dentures they made for me to try were exactly like the permanent dentures, same tooth length, etc. and that I had initialed the paper saying the wax ones were ok. Therefore, they would not do anything about it. The Dentist himself would not come in there to talk to me.

So, yes I did initial the paper and I should have looked at it more closely before I did, but again, the wax dentures looked better than the final dentures.

So, I say don't go to Affordable Dentures! They don't guarantee customer satisfaction!

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Glenda M

Barbie-unless you were medicated and high on painkillers or valium or something prescribed, I don't see a way out. It is common procedure.

The denturist went my the wax model you chose. It is an art. The color, the shape of the tooth-all has to go by your choice.

I have had friend who are dentist who made jewelry in their labs. I ask a million questions.


if all regular dentist's charge three to over four thousand dollars how can you expect to get the same quality at a place that charges one forth the price. Buy Beware

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