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First of all I'm only 22 yrs. old, so having a partial denture (upper& lower) was something that I was sensitive about, but I trusted that this could improve my smile and be well worth the money..

I was WRONG! The day I had my partials made I went in early in the morning, got called back into a room where the nurse was incredibly rude asking me "what do you want?", treating me as if I were an ***,the dentist told me that only 3 out of at least 6 problem teeth needed to be pulled. This seemed odd, but he's a dentist so I trusted him. They did the impression, I chose the premium set ( most expensive ) and went home.

I came back later that day, waited over 2 hrs. in the waiting room, got the extractions done then they put the partials in. I was the last patient. As soon as i got home, barely 30 minutes away, I called up there because the pain medications I was prescribed were the wrong kind because they make me very nauseous and i can't take them, but the receptionist couldn't change it because the dentist was already gone.

I feel I was rushed out of the office and not treated fairly. The dentist acted like I didn't know anything about my own mouth. He made a mistake on one of the teeth and said that I should come back another time to get it fixed. I'm not a confrontational type of person so I said this was ok.

The teeth were awful, I couldn't eat with them in, they were crooked, pinched, felt sandy, and tasted disgusting. I could not believe that the doctor let me leave the office like that. My parents have had dentures for many years and when I pointed out the flaws to them they were appalled with the *** work. I went back to get the tooth fixed with other complaints such as sore spots and crooked *** and was told that I would have to get used to them because I'd never had partials and they aren't supposed to be comfortable.

It's been 2 weeks since I went back and I still can't eat with them, they simply do not fit. Although reasonably priced..do not let this company's satisfaction guaranteed mumbo-jumbo fool you.

I paid $1,100 for these partials and they are just plain *** The entire staff at this location is They rude and do not care at all about their patients, just their wallets. I am planning to get a refund!!

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I really don't think that any of the affordable denture are any good I am fro

m Ohio and it has been a real nightmare the workmanship is horrible and I would never recommend this company


What dental place is this


My experience there wasn't a pleasant one either. The attitude at the office was horrible.

I paid for the premium package. When I went in a year after the extractions to get my permanent dentures, I knew that they looked thin. They broke while eating Dorito's. Since it has been over a year, they want me to pay to have them fixed.

After finding out that I had glued them, said that I would need to purchase a new lower plate. I know several people with dentures and they agree that mine were thin and poorly made. I truly believe that I paid for premium and recieved the basic set.

Makes me wonder if all of them(dentures) are the same, and if you pay for an upgrade it is just extra money in their pocket because all you get is the basic dentures. How as a consumer would you know if the teeth in them are better than others.


I went to Affordable Care and got lower dentures. I love my dentures and tell everyone to go to Little Rock Affordable Dentures


I don't agree with these posts - I went to Affordable Care and got both upper and lower dentures. I love my dentures and would recommend the Little Rock office to anyone


Well I'm happy to say that i did get a full refund!they did make me wait ALL day but it was well worth it. The receptionist was very nasty until she finally called me up there to do the refund. Then the dentist had a fit..snatched my partial off the counter and threw it at the trash can like a child..then it didn't go in..so he picked it up and smashed it down in the can..it was quite hilarious.


I agree this business has a *** attitude. The receptionist, nurse, and doctor was very rude.

When I would ask the doctor an opinion, he would say what else you want.

The receptionist had a nasty attitude, that as I was preparing to pay she was nasty about taking my money. As bad as I wanted my partial I walked out!

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