Conroe, Texas
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This complaint also involves failure to return calls for appointments. I paid for the most expensive upper dentures.

When the temporary was made it was good. When I received the permanent one it was BUCKED teeth. I tried on many occasions to tell them I was not satisfied with them while I was at my appointments. they would ignore and not respond to my issue.

They would fix sore spots or what ever needed to be done right then and then ask if the service they provided that day was ok. Well it was but they never did respond to the bucked teeth I was complaining about nor would they write it down or document it. So at one of my appointments I made the girl write it down that I was not satisfied with the teeth. A couple appoints later the dr said there was nothing he could about it that I should of said something sooner .

I did complain every time I was in there. So he said he would just have to make another one at my expense. Im on disability so I had to buy the cheapest one just to not have bucked teeth. I have been using my savings on this and wanted the best.

So I also asked for implants. While giving me the shots to numb me he was in such a hurry that he left me in the room for an hour .Then he came back in and was hurting me so bad that I screamed and he got up and left the room and started working on another person. I waited over an hour for him to come back but he was too busy. I ended up just leaving and making another appointment to get the implants.

Once I got them it looks like I have cavities and they all started to fall out. He asked if I smoked and I said no. They all have fell out and now my denture is so big they don't stay in well even with adhesives and are sharp in places and I have real sore spots. So now I have spent all my savings to end up with the cheapest denture that doesn't fit and hurts.

Ive been calling them for weeks now and they say the will call back with an appointment. They never have.

Reason of review: Loss of all my savings to end up with cheapest.

Monetary Loss: $4745.

Preferred solution: I paid $5245.00 and want $4745.00 for what I paid for and dont have.

Affordable Dentures Pros: Dentures.

Affordable Dentures Cons: Dentures, Staff, Dentist.

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