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My mother had an infected tooth and was in extreme pain when she went to the Affordable Dentures in Jackson TN. We arrived at the clinic at 8:00am and at 10:30am, my mother was still in the waiting room while approx.

15 people had already gone back. When my mother asked if they were close to calling her, they were very rude and screamed you're next.

Once my mother was in the back, two more rude B's screamed at her and told her she was not special and had to wait her turn. Affordable dentures should be sued and put out of business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

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I agree. They do not want to address any ill fitting denture. They want you to take whatever they give you and shut up


Affordable Dentures in JACKSON TN SUCKs!!!! RUDE!!!


I understand your complaint. We were treated rudely also. My daughter, husband, and I went to visit the Affordable Dentures office in Jackson, TN on Christmasville Rd a week ago. I paid for some lower partials to be made by this office. The partials were extremely painful to *** down on and the partials felt like they were choking me. As I voiced my concerns, I was directed to speak with the dentist, Lucy Digman. When I brought my concerns to Digman, she became irate. She started yelling at me and telling me that she was not going to listen to me. I asked for a refund, and she screamed “Come on.” She abruptly stormed her way around the corner toward the front desk as she shouted to the receptionist “Give her, her money back.”

My daughter was in the back with her dad who was also picking up dentures he had paid for. My daughter heard Lucy Digman and the staff talking about me. Lucy Digman said that she got rid of me. A staff member said that I was asking them to do something that was impossible. That staff member and Digman made motions with their hands as if they were throwing trash into a garbage can as they said “That’s what you should do, just get rid of them”. My daughter told them that I had a right to voice my dissatisfaction about the parcels that were hurting my mouth and that I only wanted an alternative. Lucy Digman yelled at my daughter and told her that she could leave the office if she (my daughter) did not like how they were treating me. I came back around the corner because of the commotion. Digman started shouting at the both of us that we had better leave. She also was shouting for the staff to call the police because she wanted us out of the office.

After contacting the Affordable Dentures 1800 complaint line, I was told that the Jackson office said that my daughter and I were yelling in the office. We were not yelling. The only person who was yelling was the dentist (Lucy Digman). She acted very unprofessional, she talked down to us, and treated us as if we were animals that she despised. She handled herself as if she were a Pit-bull that wanted to attack. Her behavior was very hostile and irrational.

Please beware! This is not an office to visit, especially if you are an African American who believes in voicing dissatisfaction about dental work that you have paid for. If you want to be treated with respect and valued as a customer, find another office to receive dental treatment that does not have dentists like Lucy Digman working for them! Don’t allow their mission statement to deceive you. I did not receive services with courtesy and respect.


from all of the bad reviews ,i think its not if you are african american ,all race is getting treated unfairly ,no one should be treated like that we are the one making their job possiable,everyone need to go to futher link and put these people @ the unemployment office,CLOSE THEM ALL DOWN.


If you notice she's talking about affordable dentures in Detroit, not memphis or jackson. I've heard nothing but good about the office in Jackson and I'm planning on going there soon to have some work done.


Jackson Ca is no good. As soon as I paid Farhad Kiani my four thousand dollars his crew and himself turned straight *** and did give a *** about my concerns and only about the next customer in line.

I know this because he kept repeating "come on, come on I have a customer after you" and he DID NOT CARE ABOUT HITTING THE ONLY NERVE IN YOUR FACE THAT CAUSES DROOPYNESS.

You see my face in this picture, you should see how messed up it is now. He does not care for his patients, DON'T GO THERE!


Where did you get this information from? The complaint I read said in paragraph 1: Affordable Dentures office in Jackson, TN.


Good luck because Jackson sucks and until you've bend there and see how people are treated, you have no right to defend them!


Excuse me , that their experience they had and their letting people know.


She talking about jackson tennessee!!! They are rude there!




I have had an excellent experience with the Jackson and Memphis,TN offices. I highly recommend both offices.

@Mike G.



Been using Affordable in Jackson TN for more than a year. Excellent service.

Never waited more than 30 minutes. Most of the time I am in and out in less than 15 minutes.

The implants are best money ever spent. Very nice folks to work with.


I am taking the dentist in weeke wachee fl to court,And I have filled a compliant with th detal board to have his licence at minuim suspended. My lawer say the dental board realy frowns on this type of behavior and they're a huge amount of complaints against affordable denture that he found

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