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I had hestation on using this place and of course my gut feeling was right. I had upper dentures made.

I had an appointment at 8am got there a little before let them know I was there filled out forms paid my consultation fee $65 and waited for 45 minutes. The girl took an x-ray made an impression brought in some colors for the new teeth showed them to me and what she picked out I said that is too dark I want a shade lighter then my bottom teeth and she never showed me again she picked out the color from there, the doctor came in rolled up some clay stuck it in my mouth told me when to *** down how hard to *** down stop hold and we are done, come back at 2:30. I paid for my new dentures at this time and left. I came back waited again awhile got called back.

They brought me the wax denture and I said is this the color the teeth are going to be? She said yes that is the color you picked out, and I said no I didn't, the color the girl picked out I told her was too dark and she never showed me anything else. They make mistakes because they are in a hurry to get you in and out. The next thing that comes out of her mouth is you have to come back tomorrow because you want to change the color, we have surgery, bye see you tomorrow.

I have never ever been treated so rudely. Where is customer service does it even exist at all. Let me have your money and hurry up and wait. I felt like a cow going through the shoot to get vacinated, OMG Seriously!

This is a Professional Office are you kidding me!!!!!

Horrible products!!!! Denture is crooked so my teeth do not line up and I am afraid to go back...

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Monetary Loss: $610.

Location: Conroe, Texas

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Well is a one day process but they never tell you you are going to sit on chair in the back for hours doing nothig to you. it is an affordable place but is not worth it I have learned my lesson and will never visit affordable dentures in Conroe aagain!

it is Not a profesional place to go starting with the unprofesional front desk girl.

I cant even wear my dentures since i got them. :(

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