Would not explain the difference in their low priced and high priced dentures. They wanted me to pay $105 for an office visit.They told me that I was being silly by asking so many questions.

It took three calls to get them to give me the cost of an office visit because they kept putting me on hold and cutting me off. I have had two sets of dentures. Cooperative office help is essential because the chances are that you will have to make appointments and return several times for adjustments. They were very rude on the phone and seemed to resent that I knew enough to ask important questions.

I canceled my appointment because I felt that may be a big rip off by advertising as being affordable, and charging high prices. The old bait and switch game. Beware.

Go to a recommended dentist. Not a tooth mill.

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True! The Chattanooga office is terrible & Dr.

Mcnamara is even more so! I went to have upper & lower partials made, but after having to pay $150 for exrays I was told that they wouldn't fit in my mouth!! Wth??

My original teeth fit in my mouth just fine! These people are sham artists!


Don't bother to try to get them on the phone. Tried twice and both times waited 15 minutes before hanging up. Makes you wonder how you would be treated if you were in their office.

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