Orland Park, Illinois
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This has to be the worst visit I ever have been too. This is not a friendly atmosphere.

Long wait times. Continuously changing their excuse to that they are short staffed. In full honesty..I thought the lady at the counter was the rudest person in customer service. Then I went to have work performed.

I was having a full denture made for upper plate and having 4 teeth pulled. The first day went in for x-ray and sold me a package deal called the wearer package. I visited for my second appointment which was to make a impression for my denture. Then on the third visit to have my teeth removed they started off by telling me to have my blood pressure done.

Well the assistant (yvonne) asked me to take my shirt off to get a better reading. She did not cover me from others seeing me without a shirt. The male dentist walks in while I have my shirt off. I tugged and pulled on my paper that was around my neck which is about 12x12 piece of paper.

I did not want the dentist seeing my breast or my bare stomach. As I am telling the assistant I was not comfortable and please cover me up..The dentist walks in on me and her. Oh I was so upset. He did not care and saying hello.

I was in no mood to say hello when my *** and belly is being fully exposed for him to see. He got pissed off and told the assistant to give my money back and sent me on my home. I stopped to get my refund as he said for the front counter lady to give me. Well she was so rude.

She falsified my paperwork and made me believe she was giving me a refund. She gave me receipt of refund but it is not been returned. I noticed she did not process this payment online. She gave me an offline version with no approval code on receipt.

She falsified the dental paperwork to show that I owe more than I was quoted.

I have to say this has been a terrible experience. I am so glad now after reading all the complaints about affordable dentures that the dentist did not do the work.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Affordable Dentures Cons: Their attitude, Exposure of body.

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That is definitely a bad experience. I hope you took the time to write a review yourself about your experience, it will help other potential clients know what to expect, and helps the dentist improve their services. Your experience is probably one of the most unusual ones I have ever heard of, and there have been really weird ones.

Eric | http://saanichdentalgroup.com/services/tooth-replacement/


Well, that is very unusual to ask a female patient to take her shirt off. In 34 years of treating patients, I have never done that.

I don't know why I would want to do it to "get a better reading." Reading of what???

Look, lady, you went to a sleazy cheap denture place to save money- or so you thought. Making dentures correctly is quite labor intensive, and takes many appointments. To do what this joint does they have to herd patients in like cattle into places that lack privacy. This is par for the course in such cheap dental places.

The whole idea of denture "packages" is ridiculous.

You are not buying a Cancun cruise or a Ginzo knife set off of TV, you are buying DENTAL SERVICES.

My advice is to go to an experienced dentist who owns his own practice who is really good at dentures. Yes, this will cost you money, but in the end you will have dentures that look fantastic that you can actually use for speaking and chewing.

@SEasoned Dentist

I totally agree with you. I was already considering it.

I don't know what I am thinking. All I need was something cosmetic momentary such as a partial. He sold me on a line of ***.. But with that in mind..I have been researching crediable dentists to get this work done.

Thanks for your input.

Have a great day.

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