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I first went to Affordable Dentures in Ft, Wayne IN in Nov. of 2009 and spent over $2,700 for extractions, full upper and partial denture.

I was very happy with the dentist , Dr. Dawn Benson and the staff, Henrietta. When my upper denture was destroyed in Feb. of 2012, I called again to make an appt.

Now the dentist was a Dr. Shannon Arnett (formerly of AllCare) and the entire staff was new. What a difference! I was pressured to get a more expensive denture than I could afford and was told that with the economy denture, I had to "take what I got" and they decided what it would look like and what size it was.

The teeth were so small you could barely seem them when I smiled which distorted my whole face. I had specifically asked Dr. Arnett to tell the lab to make them large enough so I could see them when I smiled. She stated she would but when I got them, she said the size of the teeth was determined by my ***--which I found out from 3 other dentistss was not true at all.

I called their Patient Care Hotline to complain and asked them to have Dr. Arnett call me so we could get this clarified. At that point, I was willing to pay more for a Custom Set if I could just get a decent looking set of dentures and re-made an appt. Dr.

Arnett then called me and said, "your complaint made a black mark against me so i am not seeing you again." All I wanted was to get the matter resolved!

I will never go anywhere near an Affordable Denture office again and I intend to tell everyone I know about my experience. I hope it costs them business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Monetary Loss: $265.

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I am writing my complaint about me disadventures at affordable dentures. I wish I had seen these cmplaints before I went.

They advertise one day denure. Yea right I went in with an appointment sat in waiting room 3 hours. went in had an impression done knew there would be problems when the dentist moved the impresion try around. he used too big of tray.

then said come back in 4 hours for a try in. I did the try in wax denture was a monster it was big enough for two people. I told him they were to big, he said he was looking for the ***. he then said these were too big come back tommorrow.

I came back had another set of wax teeth. he put them in agian i told him the were to big he said the real set would fit he just wants to get the *** right come back tomorrow. I would think if the wax ones fight right then the real ones would too. Day three I sit for 2 hours before going to the room.

i was so shocked when I saw these god awaful things in front of me. They proceed to put them in my mouth they were so big i cant get anyfood in my mouth there is no room They are bulky,they used to much acrillic in place at least half inch other places you see light thru them. they are in no way uniform in look. they make me look like bucky beaver they fell out they are so big.

the assistent put glue in the new denture it should not need glue if done properly. when I told her they were to big and the cutting in my mouth she said but they look good and the *** is perfect.come back tommorrow for a relne they are far from perfect. no denture need reline when new. no denture looks like you can cut down trees when i smile half the bottom teeth can be seen the other half hidden by the top.

they are off center to the left. the teeth stick out front alomst straight not allowing me to *** anything let alone chew. they are so bulky i do no even get a baby *** in my mouth . These are hidious a one day job turned into 4 so far.

If they do not do the impression right and do a new denture I will tell the dental board, BBB, and find a lawer to sew them for the new teeth by another dentist and for stress and anxiey. pain and suffering from all the sore spots and hurting gumms, not normal I beg you go to a real dentst. it may take longer but they will be done right. I cant wear this *** in public.

where do these techs go to school. they need to go back and learn the rght way. let me guess they go they hire the worst dentists and the worse techs that almst failed and hired them for a cheaper paycheck. do yourself a favor, pay the little extra with a real detal firm and wait the 6 weeks it takes it will be worth your time and will be done right first time.

you dont get what you pay for here. you pay 1700 for a full set I expect perfection.


I wish I had ad these before I went to AD. I have sinc told everyone that needs dentures Then tol to come back the next day foranothr fit in as these were wron.

I went in the next day for the fit in and they wiggled all over the place I td them the were to loose. I was told the dentist was only looking at the *** ot thefi the real denture would fit. then told to come bace the nextday. ane the third day I wen in they presented me with a denture that cut my gums fromthe razor sharp edges.

needed glue to keep them in they were so big. they are off center to the left. I look like bucky bever they sanded so much the roots are showing. some place so thick with acrillic other places so thin you see light.ths will break if i drop them.

my lip sticksout so far. They want mr to come n for reline to fix. you cant fix **** with a realine. new dentures shold never need a reine te day you get them.

mske appointmets, sit for 2-3 hours waiting the put in a room nother half hour. dntiset came in rushed seen him for 5 miutes. you cannot mak dentures prperly if you rush. I should have known one day dentures was fuls advertisment like I said day 4 and i still have coplants.

thy make you feel like a *** as they know how they should fit you do nt.

I kow what feels right but after 20 year i neeed new ones. They bette fix them right or I will leave them the call my insurance company to to payment and go somewhere else.

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