I recently went to the Conover,NC office of Affordable Dentures for a replacement denture. I had my old dentures with me so they could have looked at those to see what my individual needs were, but they were not concerned with my individual needs!

My original denture was made by a real dentist. I wasn't seen by the actually dentist at Affordable Dentures, only a Lab Tech. The trays used to make the impression were 2 sizes too large, I have some tearing on the corners of my mouth because of it. As a result the dentures are too large to be worn comfortably and do not look natural.

The dentures force me to hold my jaw in an unnatural and uncomfortable position, if I relax my jaw the lower denture sticks out further than the upper on. I've worn dentures for 16 years and never had any real problems, when I tried to tell the Technician what needed to be done, he basically told me I just needed to adjust to the new ones. The "dentures" they made changed my profile to what I can only describe as that of a bulldog, and if I wear them I have no upper lip.

I wasted an entire day and $650.00 of plastic that I can only carry in my purse. I would say that Affordable Dentures is the Burger King of dentistry, but BK has the slogan "Have It Your Way", and that isn't what you get from Affordable Dentures.

It's assembly line, one-size-fits-all, drive thru dentistry. These people are not concerned about the patients that come to their office, anyone that reads this, save your time and your money, DO NOT get anything done at Affordable Dentures.

Monetary Loss: $650.

Location: High Point, North Carolina

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Has anybody here tried a lawsuit to get there money back. I'm going thriugh this right now with the Conover office and have had all of the problems you guys have had.

I wish i would have found this site 10 months ago. Anyway, i have an appt ( my 3rd) this coming Friday and would like to really put the pressure on them.....everytime I go there I hear the same complaints in the waiting room or in the room next to mine in the back.....




These people are not consumer friendly. I have wasted so much money.

My tooth loss was due to an accident.

They are the pits. Perhaps another office would treat us better.



Your comment that these,WANT TO BE DENTIST Do more in a day then most do in a month.

That would expain the *** poor work they do.

And the comment previous that you work for them is probably true. you are probably one of thier sorry *** WANT TO BE DENTIST


I have had the same experience at affordable dentures as most of you.Pathetic

The dentist at the weeke wachee fl. office is the most sorry excuse for a dentist I have ever seen.

He cares nothing for the patients he sees. he is just pushing as many people out the door a day as he can.

He takes your money and when the denture made by his lab doesn't come close to fitting. He wants to give you a partial refund and will not complete the work you payed him for.



I took my father to the Conover office in October 2010 for replacement of top and new bottoms. He said he had never been treated so badly, he was almost in tears.

The teeth didn't fit, we went back for an adjustment. They put reliner in them charged $40. I bought the same stuff for $20.

Told him to come back in 6 mo. He has not been able to wear them at all.


hey harris there are a lot of people who lose their teeth due to a lot of reasons which has nothing to do with affordable dentists all you have to do is google them and read all of the negative reviews also the way you support them i bet you do work for them not that i care another thing and im not putting anyone down but my mama told me you get what you pay for you would not buy a used engine with 100;000 miles on it and put it in your car would you (also mr harris i personally know 2 dentists from affordable dentures and we play golf from time to time and if you could here some of the *** they talk about you would teach your brain to completely wipe out affordable dentures and it seems to me you dont have a life so grow up and get one :cry




My mom told me , your the only kid that brushed teeth like they should and the only 1 that lost teeth. So sometimes that may not be the cause.


Update: I was recently contacted by the staff of Affordable Dentures because I contacted them about my complaints. I told them of the numerous problems with the dentures I had made at their Conover

office. They were willing to try to make adjustments, but told me that only the staff would know if the *** was off and that the staff were the only ones qualified to tell me if my other complaints were valid. Well as the person that has to wear them I think I would know if something wasn't right.

Well I don't have time to continue going there until they get if right; I know others that have been returning for months and are still having to keep going back, I have much more important things to do with my time, so I took matters into my own hands. Thanks to my dremel, some fine sandpaper, and many hours, I have a set of dentures that actually fit correctly. I had to reduce

the depth of the edges on the lower denture and smooth out some trouble some areas that were irritating my gums, and I had to make numerous adjustments to the upper denture (too many to mention),

but the dentures now fit fine, I corrected the ***, I have my profile and upper lip back, and the "bulldog" look is gone. I wrote Affordable Dentures and told them about the alterations I had to make, all they had to say was that I had voided my 2 months of free adjustments - so what- the dentures don't need any further adjustments.

I did suggest that they should consider taking patients by appointment and end their assembly line approach, and put more artistry into the work they do there. Their only response was that they see too many people to do that, so I waould expect their assembly line approach to end any time in the future.

Oh by the way Harris, you didn't say how you lost your teeth, and you are right it is usually is caused by neglect, but for the record, it wasn't neglect on my part, it was gum disease, pyorrhea. I didn't neglect my teeth, I neglected my gums. I had perfectly healthy teeth, and I lost them one by one because my gums.

I did save money on getting the extraction, because most of the teeth just fell out. You really should think about what you are saying about people you don't know, may that what happened to you, your teeth just rotted out of your ignorant head.


Harris- I don't know which Affordable Dentures you are talking, but congradulations on finding one that gave you satisfactory service. If you're not a denture wearer than good for you, but you have no right critisizing people that do wear them, and have tooth loss for whatever reason.

I'm in my mid 60"s and I have worn an upper denture for 15 years. I went to Affordable Dentures in Greensboro for a replacement denture, and the finished product was a pathetic joke. The denture was more loosely fitting than my old one, and the assistant had to put adhesive powder in the denture to keep it from falling out, this should not have been necessary with a new denture, not to mention the *** was way off. After many visits for adjustments I finally just gave up, went to a real dentist and paid $2,500, for a high quality denture and I have had to have only one adjustment due to sore spots.

Harres, I'd bet money you work for Affordable Dentures and visit this site to critisize those who have had legitimate problems with this "Dentistry" chain. This site can be helpful for people considering going to Affordable.

I for one would never recommend them to anyone. It's Buyer Beware!

Harris- you need to go to the "I love getting ripped off by Affordable Dentures" site or start one yourself.


I find it amazing to see all of these ridiculous negative comments regarding Affordable Dentures. Each office is owned and operated by a single dentist. As we all know dentists, like any other professions, have varying degrees of expertise. The Affordable Denture offices specialize in making dentures and extracting teeth. The doctors do more of these in a day then most General Dentists do in a month--making most of the Affordable Denture doctors very good at what they do. Most of the offices will do multiple try ins in wax to fine tune the dentures to patient specifications. Sometimes this requires one to give up 1-3 days with the office to get a new set that will be perfect in cosmetics and function for 10+years. In a general dentist office you can get a similar set, but it will require 4-6 appointments and about 4 weeks turn around time. So you can get a set in 1-3 days with Affordable Dentures or pay 4 times as much money and get a set in 4 weeks with a general dentist. The problem with most of you is that you have unrealistic expectations and you love to complain. You let your teeth rot in your mouth without picking up a tooth brush ever and you blame it on a car accident, or inheriting from your parents ("soft teeth"), or pregnancy, or other dentists messing up your mouth. In 99.9% of all cases its you who has completely neglected your mouth and now you blame the dentist (especially the Affordable Dentures dentist). He or she is only trying to HELP you. A denture is a prosthetic in your mouth, similar to a prosthetic leg. So it is mandatory to be patient and adapt to this. Keep in mind Affordable Dentures gives you 2 months to do this. They will do unlimited free adjustments during this time to help you adapt. Many times they will remake a perfectly good set of dentures if you whine enough. Many times they won't ever charge you for adjustments even after 60 days. Try getting 2 months of free adjustments from your general dentist in private practice.

FYI: I have always been seen by the dentist during my visits at least for diagnostic stuff. The dental assistants are very well trained and do a phenomenal job!



--A very satisfied patient of Affordable Dentures over the years.


I've never been to this office but I'm considering it. As for u and everyone else assuming a person has bad teeth due to neglect you're wrong.

I've always taken care of my teeth and seen a dentist on a regular basis but due to low calcium and a severe vitiamin D deficiency after thyroid cancer my teeth are breaking and it's cheaper to get dentures than several root canals that would be a waste of money anyways. So stop being an ignorant fool and assuming we all are nasty trash that don't use a tooth brush.


The very same office gave me what I've heard described as the "Planet of the Apes" look. They also used very large trays, and I don't know if these were sanitized because I broke out in cold sores a few days after visiting their office.

Also I should have know something was wrong because everyone that came in the day I was there had their "teeth" is a container, not in their mouth. Since I didn't get any extractions I didn't see an actual dentist.

I don't know how they can continue to do people the way they do and remain in business. My aunt and my sister have both had similar experiences also.

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