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I worked at affordable dentures in Austin, and bad taste and bad manners are indicative of everyone's attitude in the office especially in the lab whereas you have the lab manager who thinks because people come there with Medicaid or Medicare they should be treated in a different fashion and manner.The quality of teeth and the construction of the teeth are ridiculous. The dentures were mixed up at times.

There was always talk about the condition of paients teeth and general appearence, the fact that they could spot a poor person on assistance, just general disregard for decency and respect for the people that pay their bills.

I complained to corp to the Dr. they investigated and after a week or two of change for the better it was back to the same, that's why I resigned from there

Store Location: Chicago, Illinois

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You will be better off. A good removable lab tech can find better places of employment than a cheap denture clinic.

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