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My daughter, husband, and I went to visit the Affordable Dentures office in Jackson, TN on Christmasville Rd a week ago. I paid for some lower partial dentures to be made by this office. The partial dentures were extremely painful to *** down on and the partials felt like they were choking me. As I voiced my concerns, I was directed to speak with the dentist, Lucy Digman. When I brought my concerns to Ms. Digman, she became irate. She started yelling at me and telling me that she was not going to listen to me. I asked for a refund, and she screamed “Come on.” She abruptly stormed her way around the corner toward the front desk as she shouted to the receptionist “Give her, her money back.”

My daughter was in the back with her dad who was also picking up dentures he had paid for. My daughter heard Lucy Digman and the staff talking about me. Lucy Digman said that she got rid of me. A staff member said that I was asking them to do something that was impossible. That staff member and Digman made motions with their hands as if they were throwing trash into a garbage can as they said “That’s what you should do, just get rid of them”. My daughter told them that I had a right to voice my dissatisfaction about the parcels that were hurting my mouth and that I only wanted an alternative. Lucy Digman yelled at my daughter and told her that she could leave the office if she (my daughter) did not like how they were treating me. I came back around the corner because of the commotion. Digman started shouting at the both of us that we had better leave. She also was shouting for the staff to call the police because she wanted us out of the office.

After contacting the Affordable Dentures 1800 complaint line, I was told that the Jackson office said that my daughter and I were yelling in the office. We were not yelling. The only person who was yelling was the dentist (Lucy Digman). She acted very unprofessional, she talked down to us, and treated us as if we were animals that she despised. She handled herself as if she were a Pit-bull that wanted to attack. Her behavior was very hostile and irrational.

Please beware! This is not an office to visit, especially if you are an African American who believes in voicing dissatisfaction about dental work that you have paid for. If you want to be treated with respect and valued as a customer, find another office to receive dental treatment that does not have dentists like Lucy Digman working for them! Don’t allow their mission statement to deceive you. I didn’t receive services with courtesy and respect.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dental Service.

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Why is it that a white person makes a complaint and they are just as angry with the treatment they get, but with an 'African American' they are disrespected and it's racist. Something doesn't sound right to me either.

@Lady may

As an African American I can tell you it happens a lot. Some white people just don't want to touch African American people.

I had one (I have had several racist dentists) who refused to make a partial for me. He said that the only person that would be able to tell I had missing teeth in the back is my boyfriend. I don't know what he meant by that and I don't recall telling him that I had a boyfriend. In fact I'm sure I wasn't dating anyone at the time.

He treated me so bad that even his wife was shocked. He basically showed me the door. I'm glad he did that rather than take my money and give me a horrible job like some dentists have done. I have also had a couple of really bad black dentists.

Most dentists don't rate too great as doctors. They smile until they snatch your money and then you are on your own.


I did not intend to rate this as bs, It sounds credible to me.


Im from Clarksville, Tn and had the best care from Affordable Dentures in Dickson, Tn...The staff and Dr Speer where the best..Thanks for the smile that i've missed for so long :grin


I am from Dickson, TN and have visited Affordable Dentures twice. The first time, the staff was fairly nice but the dentist himself was horrible.

He talked to me like he was better than me and like I was just a piece of trash that happened to be in his office that day. I went ahead and got everything I had paid for, which was a few teeth pulled and a partial, and I told myself I would never return there. Since that episode happened, Affordable Dentures has now got a new dentist. The time eventually came when I needed more teeth pulled and a full set of dentures.

I figured that since they had a new dentist, it would probably be ok to go there again. Boy, was I wrong. I was put in the chair to begin my procedure. The woman started deadening my mouth for the procedure.

Well, she did not have my mouth deadened nearly enough and started trying to pull my teeth. Of course, it hurt like crazy and I groaned fairly loudly as it really, really hurt. I was trying my best to keep quiet as the waiting room was just one wall away from where I was. She did not try to deaden my gums more but instead kept on trying to pull the teeth, stating that she did not have to stand there and listen to me and that she would send me home.

By this time, that sounded like the very thing that should happen, because she did not know what she was doing, in my opinion, and proved that with each word that came out of her mouth. She finally got the other dentist to try and pull my teeth and he did a pretty good job after some intense deadening to my mouth, thank goodness. I now have a temporary pair of dentures that I have to put a third of a tube of glue on to just wear. I must say, though, that the lady that does the adjustments is very nice and just wants to do a good job and have a happy customer, unlike the woman 'dentist', who doesn't seem to care.

All in all, I have ran into five of the staff that were very nice. The boy that was behind the counter was, in my opinion, very, very rude. His attitude came across like he doesn't have the time to help a customer, but it seems that he just wants to set there like he is mad at the world for some reason. I really wish that I had went somewhere else.

Getting dentures is a traumatic event in someones life and it can be made worse, much worse, by a dentist that is not a good one and does not know how to treat people. I certainly hope that I will not have to deal with the woman 'dentist' when I return to get my permanent set of dentures, because I don't know how nice I can make myself be to a person like that.


When a business calls law enforcement on a customer, 99.999% of the time it's the customer who is wrong. Don't know what you did, lady, but I'll bet you're not telling the whole story here and you're sugar coating your part.

You also pulled the race card without any explanation of what made you feel this is racially related. That also makes me feel you're just pissed because you didn't get your way as you tried for an over the top, impossible solution.


Now days its all about race and they try and use it for their advantage. .hello people it's not the 1800's ..let it go and stop thinking living in the past :p


Really. I get so tired of hearing racist and disrespected.

Everything isn't about race. A lot of it is about rude business practices, mad customers or maybe just rude customers.

It's not fair for customers to be treated *** but stop pulling the race card because it's happening to me right now. I feel like I am being treated rude and disrespectful but I can't say racist.


I am sorry that woman had to go through that! It is a shame that a company would treat their customers that way!

It is sad that Affordable Dentures would allow this dentist to work for their company. That dentist is a liablity for the company and she sends a negative message and that says a lot about Affordable Dentures in Jackson, TN.


Be 4 real, you’re making it something it’s not. People are not crying wolf or playing a race card because they state their race.

They are just telling it like it is. The issue is about the standards of this company, which are horrible.


I was angry at this situation but I am also angry when people pull the race card.This person needs to know this dentist is cray cray and treats everyone like ***.When you pull the race card unwarrented when you really need to pull it people will not believe you.Kinda like the little boy who cried wolf.


Thank you Al and Jesse for promoting racism at every turn.


What gets me really upset about your complaint is that you played the race card.If you look at other complants about this dentist you can see she treats everyone like *** no matter what your race.So please think be4 you type;bad things happen in life to every race.

@be 4 real

It seems to me that you are angry about the wrong subject. You should be angry that a person working in a public business can treat a customer in a disrespectful manner and feel at liberty to disrespect customers frequently.

Since you stated that “bad things happen in life to every race” your anger should be directed towards the bad situation that occurred rather than what an individual noted about his or her own nationality. You should most definitely think before you speak.

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