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I would NEVER recommend this comoany to anyone. My first plates were so bad that i couldnt stick them in my mouth simply because the lasy pushed the molders in too quick nd out to quick.

I paid for the package that offered as many adjustments that i needed, got permanent plates in Aug.

or Sept ine called fir a adjustment a qeek ago and they told me i only had a year to get adjust so what did i pay for adjustments on the temporary plates cause i just got my permanent. I guve yall -100 for service and a -500 for ripping ppl off.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Waresboro, Georgia

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You had to get adjustments on the temporaries so you could wear them silly.

If you had done it like the textbooks tell dentists to do it, you would have had all your back teeth out first, let them heal for at least 3 months, THEN had impressions taken for your final dentures. THEN they would have been stable for awhile, until you had them relined.

You probably would have spent less money doing it this way.

But no, you wanted to go to a sleazy corporate denture mill to "save money."

If you had gone to a regular dentist who constructed good dentures by the rules, you could have spent more to start with and gotten a great denture that could have relined for 30 years or more. Instead you chose to get cheap junk.

You got what you paid for. Next time go to a real dentist!

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