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My dad went to get new teeth at the Chattanooga (Hamilton Place) location. After his 7th trip and sores in his mouth, missing work, not to mention gas and time..

He still has sores in his mouth and no teeth.... from the shabby work and very unprofessional staff at this location. On the 7th trip the Dr. Asked my dad , what he could do for him.

( My dad asked him if the same Dr was making the teeth that made his previous set. He told my dad yes, so my dad said tell him to get his s--- together and make him a good set. The Dr. Went off on my dad and called the cops.

$660.00 later my dad still has no teeth that fit. The wire is hitting his gums and making sores. He is 74 yrs. old and this *** called the cops because he said *** Has anyone else had problems with this location ?

If so, please let me know. I'm pursuing this with an attorney.

You can see the wire poking through in the pics.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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who makes cheap dentures in chatt


Yes this is a design for a transitional partial, yes there are several reasons to provide this sort of partial to a patient. However, from what i can see, it was not made correctly.

For the clasp wire to be coming through the acrylic and actually touching the gum, they were placed too close in what looks to be an attempt to keep them secure in place and not too thick. A simple remake should have fixed this problem unless the Dr or Technician has a attitude about it in which case, get your money back and go elsewhere. It also appears to be too thick. Many technicians are uncomfortable reducing this thickness too far and highly recommend cast metal frames for both stability, durability, and thickness.

"Seasoned Dentist" you CAN have a good partial that is NOT cast framework. Please keep up or retire already and allow those of us with the skills and ability to give the patient what they want AND need, the room to do so.

@Seasoned Technician

You CAN'T have a good partial without occlusal rests. The gingiva get beat up badly by the acrylic impinging on them.

Some principles of design are timeless. Learn them!


This is the design of a transitional partial. These are used for individuals who have teeth with a guarded prognosis.

It is a wonderful design for those individuals who can not afford a cast metal partials, or in cases when a cast metal removable partial denture would not be recommended.

Seasoned Dentist, didn't they have those in 1890 when you graduated from dental school?

Also, no matter what.....NO ONE should be subjected to vulgar language and verbal abuse. Especially someone who is trying to help you with a problem.


Sure I know what a transitional partial is. The patient did not have any teeth extracted, according to what was written.

This was a replacement set. The patient reportedly said he wanted a "good set" made.

Anywhere in the universe I know of, this means a partial with a cast framework, clasps that are carefully designed to go into .01mm undercuts, rests carefully prepared in teeth, indirect retention, and either impressed in a custom tray or done via an altered-castimpression technique.

Does the partial in the photo look like a partial that employs these features?

What vulgar language did I use? You know this website uses automation to remove innocent words like "byte" with an "i", don't you?


Sure seems like a strange design for a partial- practically no metal framework. This is the *** you get when you look for partials for $600. Nobody can make a decent partial denture for that little.

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