A total nightmare. I saw the "dentist" for 5 minutes on day one; everything is done by a staff of women.

There are no appointments; you show up at dawn and wait. All my uppers were ripped out and then I was turned out on a cold blowy day to fend for myself for their 2 hour lunch break. Later a set of dentures was slapped in and I was sent on my way. When I received my permanent dentures they didn't fit...at all.

I made several trips back for adjustments( grinding with a dremel) costing me as I had to take a day off work and wait half the day to be seen ( no appointments). Finally I was told there was nothing more to be done and I had to get used to the fact that my expensive new dentures were totally useless. I wrote a letter to the invisible dentist which was ignored. This place is a butcher shop only interested in your money.

If you ever feel like paying thousands of dollars to be held down in a chair and raped this is the place for you! *** isn't hot enough for the *** who raped me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Location: Hendersonville, North Carolina

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At the time this was posted, there was not a Hendersonville Affordable Dentures. Are you sure you have the right office?

I was just in the Hendersonville office (that opened this year), after reading both theirs and Asheville's reviews. The techs were very professional and compassionate and the dentist was AMAZING!


You never took care of your teeth like every dentist in your life told you to do. Probably because you were a cheapskate.

When you finally sought care, did you go to a regular dentist who would have discouraged you from pulling ALL your teeth?

No, you went to a third rate chop shop hoping to save money.

You got your teeth ripped out of your head, and like many patients, find you cannot wear their crude dentures. Dentures seldom work when front AND back teeth are extracted at the same time. They float on a bed of inflamed, unstable, swollen gums. When the swelling subsides the dentures are so loose they fall out.

I must have seen it a two hundred times from idiots who have it done at Florence, SC.

I could waste my time telling you how it SHOULD have been done, but why bother?

You never listened to any dentist before. Why would you start now?


This guy seems to have zeri compassion and seems to blame the patients..i would never go to a dentist with this attitude

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