Just got just the top done even though they wanted to top and bottom in same visit. For top ONLY, the economical one (not "ultimate" expensive nice ones) it was just under $2,000!

They advertise that they start at less than $400. When I called @ 8:30am today to ask about them falling out, Dr McGee got on the phone (she wasnt my Dr) and told me she would call me back every 3 hrs throughout the day(never asked for #).

Its Friday night at 6pm & NOT ONE CALL received. I didnt even want her to call, maybe thats how she gets people off the line.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Affordable Dentures Cons: Jessup.

Location: Glen Burnie, Maryland

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It's been a month since I posted the original comment, and since then I've been back for adjusting. Dr.

McGee, the owner, was not my original dentist but it was only her name on the appt card so I guess there was some confusion when I first called and she told me she would call me back q3hrs. The denture is more comfortable but I'm still having work done so it's not as obvious that I have a denture. I have another appt tomorrow and hopefully things will continue to improve enough to post a smiling pic. My original comment, although true, was written prematurely and was unfair to Dr.

McGee who took it to heart and for which I apologize. Dr. McGee is immensely kind and is a very conscientious doctor and to suggest otherwise is absolutely unmerited. I don't get the permanent denture until I'm completely healed so I can't comment on it yet.

At that time, I will have the option to pay $60 for my shade preference or pay more to upgrade from the economy package to get better quality and color choice (I think there's 4 different choices e.g. economy, premium etc.) but that's nothing I have to worry about at the moment.


Not a good idea to make upper and lower dentures separately.

Not a good idea to shop for the cheapest dentures at a flim-flam outfit.

There is a sucker born every minute, apparently.


Thanx for rubbing it in. They seem like a good outfit and the man who makes the dentures does beautiful work and was highly recommended which is why I went there.

I was very worried about appearance more than anything and Reynier (sp?) is an absolute artist.

I needed to move fast because I had veneers on my front teeth that the dentist couldn't get to adhere so he ground my teeth front and edges which caused my teeth to literally start to erode under the veneers (I guess w/o enamel there's no protection). My other teeth weren't as bad so maybe I could've used the money to fix them up and anchor a bridge or something but I was at a denture place where they don't do that so I don't know if that was an option.


Why was it so much $$ that's false advertisement


It cost that much because I had teeth removed. Unfortunately, I didn't do my research first and know that you can keep teeth and have "lay overs" using my real teeth as anchors.

I asked the dentist about implants so she knew I wanted that type, but never mentioned the possibility of using my real teeth. The place I went to doesn't do that work, so maybe that's why I wasn't informed of that option or maybe my teeth weren't good enough.

Basically, I removed teeth for $ so I may put fake implants in for waaay more $. I'm really sad and in a dark place.

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