Lowers never fit correctly and after traveling an hour & half one way several times and having to take the day off from work each time ...i just gave up..and now have to fixadent them at least 2x's a day for them to stay in...tops have to glue in about once every 3 days....cant eat steak anymore (my favorite food) unless its filet mignon, wraps or corn on the cob...nothing that needs pressure....wish I had kept my bad teeth..at least I could eat with them....

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Columbus, Ohio

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Why anyone would travel 1 1/2 hours to go to a sleazy denture clinic, when there are competent dentists within easy commuting distance everywhere, I cannot imagine.

With all the gas money and money you paid out of pocket, you could have gotten a really nice set of dentures from a competent dentist near you.


I'm in a rural area I'm 22 miles to nearest grocery store...and I don't have dental insurance so a "really nice set" is over $1600...and I know because my husband got a top plate that cost us over $800...and guess what 2 teeth fell off plate within 4 yrs....Dentures definitely aren't made like they used to be...his previous plate lasted 20 yrs...

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