These people should be shut down. I had to go back 9 times.

The teeth where HUGE. I think they use the same mold for everyone. Funny how I kept seeing the same people coming back over and over saying they don't fit. There where no x-rays taken or ask for, they had "list of medications" marked out.

It was like an assembly line!? They went around stuffing wax molds in everyone's mouth and all the sinks had a "do not use sign" on them. So unprofessional. I could hear the staff whispering about all the patients laughing and making fun!

They told me that mine would be big and bulky since I was getting the "economy" and told all 25 people that they "could not eat with them" they where only cosmetic lol. $700.00 dollars the drain to Richmond affordable dentures. Only laid eyes on the "prosthodontic" ONCE. That was to stuff wax in my mouth.

She has all these unschooled so called nurses to tell you that that will probably be terrible but you just have to be determined to wear them with LOTS OF GLUE!? I wouldn't wish this on my worse enemy! Rumor is they are not liscened! This HAS to be a health hazard!!!

I now have all sorts of bacteria In my mouth. I got sick and dizzy after using the glue that's full of zinc!? Should have paid attention to my dentists body language every time I mentioned going to affordable dentures. I could tell that he didn't want to say what was on his mind.

It's sick to have the mold stuff in your mouth but no way to even rinse your mouth out or spit. Their water must even be turned off! my teeth looked like donkeys off of shrek they where so big! Times are hard and money don't grow on trees.

It's a shame these people are taking people money and won't fit or reline them. Relining cost extra! after two month, they aren't responsible!? They ask a couple of people if they could use their old dentures (made by another dentist) to go by!?

One guy said "WHY"!? the dentist who made the first set didn't have anything to go by"! props to him for standing up to them. The nurse said " never mind we don't need them" after being questioned.

i genuinely love and care about people even if their strangers.

We need to have each other's backs and that's why I took the time to post so someone else won't fall into these peoples scam! This is our health people!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Bloomington, Indiana

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