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My wife had her top plate made maybe three years age. We spent close to 3000.00 dollars.

First they made her a templary plate. Had to cut some bone off. Went back 8 weeks and they made her perment plate. They look like a two year old made them with play putty or something.

They are thick and ruff inside. They have never stayed in. Teeth are like gourde teeth. She is 4.11 in tall.

Small. Looks bad. Went back and they adjusted them they said. No change on how they fit .they would do nothing eyls to try to make them better.

Said we would have to pay for a new plate if we wonted that much change in them. This was in abilene texas

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Abilene Texas or Atlanta, Georgia- the result wouldn't have been much different.

It is a challenge to make a good denture in a small mouth like your wife's. Sure not going to get it done at a mass-production mill like AD.

The should have waited more like 6 to 9 moths to make her permanent denture, instead of only 8 weeks.

Bone still have a lot of shrinking to do after only 8 weeks.

Should have gone to an experienced dentist who owned his practice to start with. Ah, but the allure of getting something cheap is just so enticing, is it not?

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