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Lakeland Fla affordable dentures is not the place to go they tell you that you have to go with a higher price plate then you went there for then its not done on same day after you Waite from 9am till 4 pm then tell you to come back Monday well go back Monday they did not fit right told the women Heather she said oh come on well you will just have to take them cause we already made them for you and you will have to get used to them. I look bad my checks pokeing out like I been hit and they were cutting up inside gums I went back on wed Dr Pham said what's wrong I told him he said ok you need to leave them and we will do some ajustying I said oh no you can do it now I'm done with this place they fell like sand paper and font fit at all he said impossible its was taken from you jaws in wax it has to fit give it time I said no its cutting me he said no that's from your teeth being pulled I said look at the plate and tell me what you see these are the wrist I've ever seen and to pay 550 is really not god you can see right thorw them he said ok I will make them real thick then ok I said no just fix it so I can eat and drink out of a cup with *** I can't eat or drink oh give it time he field down a little on them I said dr you know I'm not a mean person but you and your asst Heather ate sure pushing all my bottoms just give me back NY money and I will be happy to go some where eles please he said oh no we don't give rfunds we made the plate and that's the coast of it and I said and you made it wrong so test I deserve a refund he said no give it 6 weeks then come back for alinement can you believe this place is pure *** now i m stuck with a bottom plate does not fit looks like *** and feels like sand paper and out $550 plus gas and time I've used them 3 times befor and was happy with the work they did but not any more

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Guess you should have saved your teeth, or at least some of them, like all the dentists in your life told you to do.


You can't get a decent denture anywhere for $550.

2. You are supposed to wait at least a couple of months after all the back teeth are pulled before taking any denture impression.

3. NOBODY can make a great denture in a couple of appointments.


You have had all your dental work done under some serious delusions about dentures can be fabricated for you. Guess now you will have to spend thousands of dollars on implants to reverse the damage you have done to your mouth.

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