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My husband went here for his new dentures at the Culpeper VA office. After 4 months of working with this group he had to put his old dentures in.

The tech was always rushed for time and husband says they were very rude. The new dentures look like bucked horse teeth and was told to take them out when he eats. What is the sole reason for getting new ones if you have to resort to your old dentures. Their pamplet is very misleading on prices.

$2000 for horse teeth. His old ones look so natural .

The new ones look like something grom a horror movie. Don't go to this business !!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Go to a grubby denture chain to get cheap dentures, and what you get is a rushed staff trying to cut corners and turn a small profit on cut-rate dentures.

If you husband wanted dentures that would actually chew on, he would have gone to a dentist in private practice experienced in making dentures. Of course, he would have had to pay $3500 or so, but at least he would have gotten some attractive dentures he could use for eating. Not to mention good dentures could have been relined many times and lasted for perhaps 30 years.

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