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I made an appt. To see a dentist to replace my 1 yr old dentures that got loose.

My gums receded much. I need to get a tighter gum insert. Attendant who took me in the inside room insisted that I should order the ultimate-$2,995 he said. I told him my husband & I found @ your website, it's only $1295 full set.He argued that it is not good.

Will use only for 6 months to 1 year. So I said how about the next to the top dentures- Ultra? He said: the bottom will have an inch gap & the food will get underneath. I got the price list from him so I can see the difference.

The Ultimate is only$2495 not $2995. I lost interest. He did not even tell me his name.I tried to walk outside to find a signal so I can call my husband. He blocked me & tried to let me step outside their back door.

But I refused. Went towards the front desk but he walked ahead of me & finally after giving me a little brochure told me to go back to the room for another staff to check my gums & you're good to go. He gave me papers for the front desk but to my surprise, the clerk told me to pay $30. I asked, for what?

He said, Consultation fee. I said: No, I told him what I wanted done. I did not ask. I want a replacement set for $1295..!

He replied: he checked your gums! Yes the other man did but I did not want that.I thought I can get out soon after he checks my gum. I played their games just to get out & talk to my husband. No one mentioned 'bout payment otherwise I will force my way out if they don't lock the door on me.

I felt like I was a Prisoner. I need a new set of dentures but the way they treated & hussIed me, I'd rather live without.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Store Location: Jackson, Mississippi

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Where was this? You do no-one a service when you do not identify where it is. I discount this review until fixed.

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