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I went to the Affordable Dental in Spring Hill yesturday. They were very nice out front.

Had my exrays done, dont know why but did anyway. My dentures of 4 years needed a relinement. I had an alinement done but the alighnment cracked off and food wad getting into the cracks. First the dentist wanted me to get a new set or I could have a reline.

I spacified. I said the werent that old but I opted for a realignment and want the old alighnment taken off as they had food under the broken alighnment. They were hesatent and doc said he would see if they could do it... They said they could, and be back at 2pm to pick it up.

I went back at 2pm and sat till after 3pm. And heard by people already there that the dentist usually takes 2 to 3 hrs lunch. I got up to talk to receptionist about and she apoligized and said "that is a good question" then came back and said that the lab computers were not working because of a flood they had and that we would be called in a few minutes. I told them that it would have been nice to let us know earlier.

I went in to get my upper denture with the new alighnment. I noticed that I could see light through my denture which I had not before. I also complained about the fit.

She said that my gums had to get use to the denture again. I left there not satisfied and had to file a large lump down on my denture myself...

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You want things done if a jiffy, you want it cheap, and you wan't it done well. Can't have all three.

A lab reline is a complicated thing to do right. The plastic must cure several hours. Usually it takes a day in the lab, and patients must pick up the denture the next morning. Then at least a couple of adjustment appointments are necessary.

Does all this sound easy to d?

Does it seem like this should be something that costs only $200 or so?

You went to a dump clinic to get cheap dental service and you wonder why it is done haphazardly. Why are denture patients such hardheads?

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