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In 2012 I purchase the most expensive dentures because your pamphlet said they would last 7 to 10 years. So five years down the road I find there's a line across the middle of the front uppers on top of the line the teeth are white below the line they are grey.

Four of the front teeth are like that. I took them in for Doctor Herron to examine and he said he has never seen a problem like this. then blamed me by saying it must be the solution I soak them in .I sat in the office and watched the commercial several times ,the man said use water with a little bit of bleach and that's what I have done for five years if that was causing the problem it would also be on the lowers but it is only on the uppers. Then dr.

Herron went on to say I should be thinking about getting a new set of dentures but these are supposed to last 7 to 10 years and it is only been 5 years.

I will be satisfied if he will replace the two front teeth or give me a partial refund of $300 or a coupon for $300 off the next set of dentures .please respond as soon as possible so I will know what to do next . Ron Edwards

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures Repair.

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The sun rises. A patient who didn't listen to save his teeth goes to a denture mill to save money.

He is disappointed in the denture.

The sun sets. The day is ended.

Guest what?

Tomorrow the sun will rise and another patient who did not listen will make the same mistake. And the sun will set, and the day will end.

And on and on it will go, until the end of time.

@Shtogun Sally

Shtogun Sally, how can you judge without knowing how they got to the point of needing dentures?


Same way as everyone else. Didn't take care of his teeth.

Never listened to anything any of the dentists in his life said to do, like regular 6 month cleanings and checkups.Denture patients are hardheaded cheapskates.

Never can convince them of anything. That is why they lose their teeth and end up at outfits like Affordable Dentures.

@Shotgun Sally

Speaking as someone who DID always take care of my teeth, DID go to the dentist, DID spend thousands of dollars having work done to treat teeth; Someone who after becoming fully disabled STILL went as often as finances would allow to save teeth that were damaged due to Sjogrens and epilepsy medications but now has significantly deteriorated teeth due to damage incurred during a grand mal seizure and now needs a top denture- I find your response incredibly short sighted and rude. If most DENTISTS didn't charge outrageous prices for every single thing they do, people might be able to better afford regular dental services and wouldn't have to go to cheap places for dental work.

In case you were unaware, Medicare does not cover dental- at all.

Most people on Medicare are elderly or disabled and receive very little in Social Security benefits. Perhaps you should try to be more helpful and less judgemental.

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