I had my dentures reline At affordable denture in gainville fl. They messed up 5,000 $$$ denture .

The dentures are now a mess they shaved my porcelain teeth by the gums made the front teeth stick out . The whole denture is to big for my mouth . Went to see the dentist that made them and said its not worth fixing . Thank to affordable Dentures in Gainvilles fl .

I have to have a new dentures made . $155.00 is now gonna cost me $5,000.00 I cried that was money I was saving for a new home

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Store Location: Lake City, Florida

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Let's see. You had a great dentist that constructed a first rate denture.

When it needed a reline, did you go back to the reputable dentist that made the denture?

Nah, you went to a sleaze bag corporate denture mill designed to pump out cheap next-day dentures. What were you thinking??????

That is like buying a Lamborghini and taking to Jiffy Lube to have a valve job done.


I have been there twice. Dr.

Showstark is not the problem. He's the best dentist I've ever talked to. Compared to lying, extortionist insurance network dentist, he's an angel. The problem is the labs inconsistency.

First time things were great, impressions, extractions & partials all in one day. I was a new denture wearer but never had a problem, wore them for 3 years. If I had gotten extractions & dentures through "reputable" dentist, they would have charged me ten times as much and sent the impressions out to the same denture mill or similar one. please don't act like your "reputable" dentist make the dentures themselves.

They are no better than Dr Showstark except at money gouging.

The problem with Affordable is inconsistency in lab expertise and that could also happen with dentures they make for other dentists. At least at affordable you can go back to the source to correct problems.


Gayla, Not true that all dentists use the same labs. Private dentists sure don't send them to Affordable Dentures to be made- that is a fantasy in your head.There are cheap labs that do crummy work.

Some even subcontract work to China. I use premium family-run labs that cost more because they deliver a quality setup and processing and are predictable about it. The problem with denture mills is the same with dentists and lab techs. They aren't paid well and don't stay working there long.

Nobody wants to work in a cheap denture outfit for low pay. It is every dentist's and lab tech's worst nightmare. I agree with you that in-network insurance prostituting providers are often the pits. The best way to get a substandard dentist is go to a clinic that advertises on TV.

The second best way is to go to a dentist on the insurance prostituting provider list. It is impossible to make a good partial with a cast metal framework in one day. Chances are you got an all-plastic or Valplast partial without a metal framework. And those are rough on the gums.

In general, most denture patients are knuckleheads who seldom listen to good advice.

That is why they lost their teeth to start with. You prove the point.


You should file a complaint with your state's dental bureau. You can find their phone no.

in the front of your phone book under State agencies.

Look for them online under your state's name & then agencies. They usually have a complaint form.

If you call them, ask if they have a complaint form? It doesnt matter how long it's been, because you're talking about mal-practice.


You don't know what you are talking about, Grace. First, you are NOT talking about malpractice.

You are talking about an inadequate denture reline.

Second, stated boards of dentistry can only discipline dentists, not corporate executives nor investor owners of these chain clinics. The patient forfeited most of his protections when he went to a cheesy corporate chain instead of a regular dentist who owns his practice.


I understand. Clear Choice Dental ruined my mouth, which I paid $40,000.00 for.

I am sitting here in constant pain, can eat only jello and pudding, have no more natural teeth and these 'fixed dentures' are defective.

As well, that was money I was going to use for a down payment on a house. Now I've got a mess in my mouth and no home.


This thread is about Affordable Dentures, no Clear Choice.


$5000 for new denture is ridiculous. Never heard of a denture costing that much.


Could have been a denture with a metal palate and precision attachments to implants. You never know.

Could have been done in New York City, where the prices for everything are sky-high.

My guess is during reline, they did not shave the inside of the denture down enough, and then the impression material made the denture not seat as far as it did before. So they compensated by shaving the teeth down.


You had great dentures made by a private dentist. Then you went to a cheesy denture clinic to have them relined, instead of going back to the reputable dentist.

Can you explain why you did that?

You must not have realized that relining dentures without altering the *** is a very demanding procedure, requiring precision both in the impression at the office and in the lab. One inaccuracy and the fit or appearance of the denture might be altered forever.


I have read some of your comments. You are very arrogant & insulting to the posters.

Just because you consider yourself an expert in these matters is no reason for you to insult the rest of us who are not knowledgeable about the dental industry.

A little more tact & kindness on your part would be more helpful here.


I live in CA and was visiting family in VA for 7 weeks. I have had upper dentures for over a year already but they didn't fit good and I wanted some that I didn't have to glue in.

I wasn't even aware there were offices in CA so I called the office in VA when I arrived to discuss what I needed. I informed them at that time I am a pain (nerve) patient and again when I arrived for the work. I had one extraction and purchased a deluxe upper. The woman that gave me the Novocain injections did not use the small needles as instructed and didn't seem to care that she caused me pain.

When I informed her there was a bone chip in my gum, I went back two times for that, she told me there wasn't that my gum was as smooth as a babies behind.....well, I ended up having to cut that out myself because I couldn't afford to go to another dentist when I got home. I returned numerous times for adjustments, the last one 3 days before I was to leave to come home and 5 minutes before their lunch break, I had been waiting for 3 hours and would have waited 1 more for better treatment. I told the girl I needed a "tiny" bit off the top front but the back was where it was bad and I didn't want too much off all at once because they fit tight and I like that and her remark was "Well, you can always use something to hold them in." HUH!!! That's the reason I'm here lady....so I don't have'ta use something to hold 'em in!Well.....she was in such a hurry for lunch that she took so much off the front that when I even open my mouth they fall out and the back.....well it rubs a blister.

When I eat they flop around in my mouth so, so much for not having to use anything to hold them in. Now I understand WHY it's called "Affordable Dentures".


It is a mistake to have something complicated like dentures constructed when you are away from home. That is the reason dental tourism is not a very good idea.

Stick with one competent dentists through the whole procedure, so he or she can make you completely comfortable.

It take a LOT of work to construct a new denture for a patient and get them completely comfortable. Often this work spans 3 months or longer, which makes it impractical to do when traveling.

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