Story of my Trauma with Rebecca Swanson & Affordable Dentures:

Sooooo many problems in the year and a half dealing with these crooks!

I don't even think this lady is a real dentist because she acts like a fraud.

I got sick from the medication she prescribed me & then when I was in her office she told me I'd need to make an appointment with my physician concerning the medication...??!!?? These people destroyed my teeth & whenever I would address my concerns they'd just say Don't worry about it'....When I called concerned my 'final' teeth were going to look nothing like my original natural teeth they assured me when the time came for try ins I could bring in a photo & they would use it to match....Well, the time came and I brought in my pictures & they said 'We don't need those, we can't use them'!! What the heck. This dentist and her staff were the most unprofessional group of people I've ever met, from the front desk lady with her own set of dentures that never smiled & rolled her eyes to the teeth making tech that smelled like cigarettes.

This place very well coulda just been put out in a trail in the boonies. Anyway, the most awful thing is I never got my teeth. These jokers had coming into appointments for 6 months trying in models for my 'final' teeth and then on the last appointment when I was to get my teeth they said 'We're not going to give them to you because we don't think you'll be satisfied!' Really? Like these are MY teeth that I paid for!!

Then when I got mad at these characters for this they called the cops on me & all I did was raise my voice a tad. When the cop got there they told Rebecca Swanson really wanted them to site me & kept begging them to...but the cops wouldn't do it & were on my side & just told me to leave & get a lawyer. Get a lawyer??!?! After all I was trying to do was get my teeth fixed...a huge headache.

Do not go here unless you want the mystery outcome from a halfass bipolar dentist!

Seriously worst experience of my life!! Stay Away!

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dental Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Redmond, Washington

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