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I went in to Affordable Dentures, Monroe, to replace one partial and upon my visit I was given an X ray and was told that I had to lose all 30 of my teeth. They scheduled an exrtaction date for me to be put under.

A week later I went to have a second opinion because something just didnt seem right. I did so. The new dentist told me that I had a severe infection and my mouth could NOT be touched without antibiotics for a week. On top of that I only had to lose 7 teeth.

My Xrays looked different from the ones Affordable Dentures showed me. The xray from Affordable Dentures didn't even look like my teeth... Please go get a second opinion!! Doctor Jeetendra was going to pull 30 teeth with severe infection.

They did not say a word about infection after doing my Xrays. And again I only needed to lose 7. They were going to charge me 4 grand to possibly kill me! And when I went back to ask questions and get my large down payment back the doctor wouldn't even see me..

He just walked by and ignored me. Don't go here without checking twice! They are careless and unprofessional. Instead of an apology I was told that Dr.

Jeetendra never wanted to see me again and I could never come back. Glad I dodged that deadly bullet.

They just want to sell a full set of dentures no matter what the cost may be. Martha Jamerson

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dental Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I had a friend who was a very good retired dentist who wanted some part-time work. He thought he would try to work at Affordable Dentures for a while.

He did not make it very long! To his horror, he found that the ASSISTANTS there looked at the x-rays and decided which teeth to extract on patients! He was extracted to follow the treatment recommended by dental assistants!

Just like you said, they recommended that good teeth be pulled.

Please resist the temptation to go to these clinics to get cheap dentures. You will get nothing but poor care there.

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