Lakemont, Georgia

Appt at 10am. Arrived at 9:45 got called back at 11:08 after being given excuses. How about a refund of my hourly wage.

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Why not try going to a reputable dentist in private practice who respects the value of your time? Might work, you know!

You probably went to this place thinking you would save a buck or two just because of the franchise name.

Most of the time patients find they get mediocre dentures at best, and find that after they have your money, obtaining adjustments is difficult. Many patients find that for a little more money, they could have gotten an excellent set of dentures, with 6 months of adjustments included.


To henrius you are loaded with cash does not mean everyone is. I believe a company should give what they advertise or big brother should shut them down. Poor people can't.


How much money do you save if you get a cheap set of dentures you cannot wear?

How much money did you save having your hours away from work wasted?

A good set of dentures made with quality materials can be relined many times and easily last 20 years. Over the long haul, this is what will save you money. Like anything else, get it done right the first time, and you won't be paying to do it over again.

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