Dr Wexler would not take the time to work with my father in law to get the impressions to replace his dentures, originally from Affordable. We had all done and only needed to redo the wax one, but he blamed my father in laws dementia for his own impatience.

Very discouraging to use this just because he wanted to keep his time to a minimum. I'm sure if my father in law could afford the expensive ones he would have put more effort out.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Topeka, Kansas

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Do cheap dentures, and you got to keep time spent on them to a minimum. Otherwise the dentist loses money in fabrication.

In business time is money. A good denture takes an average of 5 appointments to fabricate and 4 adjustment appointments afterwards.

You want your precious father taken care of? Take him to a good dentist instead of a cheap grubby denture mill.


To the dentists responding to the people who have found themselves in such a terrible place. Have a heart, many people that could not afford the high cost of good dental care are now in a situation where they have done their best to gather the needed funds hoping for reasonable care and not getting it.

The dental industry is a mess and most health care insurance plans, private or otherwise do not cover the high cost of needed services. How about you all do some pro-bono work?

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