Conyers, Georgia
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They forget to send my impressions out while I waited because their rude receptionists went on a smoke break. and the Dentist Dr.

Inge was no better with the sorry apology given and the ditzy old receptionist who states "Just blame me" Very unprofessional upfront staff. I would not recommend them to anyone, and a group of my collegues are coming up with a dental business to but them out of business.

Where is the professionalism these days, and quality of work and just caring about your customer that you want them to return. My husband needs denture implants, but we will not be using Affordable Dentures, in Covington.Ga.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

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my husband went to affordable dentures in peoria il. got the economy set and during two years lost three teeth total and they are crooked.

Have you ever seen crooked false teeth. and everyone is right, the staff is very rude along with the dentist.

my husband's lower plate just broke and he has to wait 16 days before an appt. UNREAL!!!!!


well, I just went to winchester, va yesterday, & ended up telling those people to shove it, after being told I would look "absolutely horrible with fake teeth" (& yes the mail dentist called them fake teeth!) & that "no matter what I did, I would always look *** with teeth" all this after dealing with an extremely rude staff, & the other dentist making very rude comments. I had to wonder after sitting there waiting, & watching many other people come out pissed off & cussing all the way out the door -just sorry I had to find out for myself -after a long trip for nothing. So if this tells you anything -go find a REAL dentist, even if you have to pay a lil more!


I had an AWFUL experience at AD too. I went to a place in Marietta called Atlanta Dentures that was VERY afforadable and had a GREAT staff.

I will never recommend anyone to Afforadable Dentures. Atlanta Dentures is where you should go to fix your problem!!


Does anyone out there have any comments (pros or cons) on the Affordable Dentures office in Jessup, MD.?

@Very ***cerned

There awesome!



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