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Well I want to say after all the bad reviews I read here and there I was hesitant to go there but I did anyways. I had a temp top but no bottom when I got my teeth pulled in January so I was ready for my secind set if temps with a bottom this time so I could get used to them.

I purchased the custom set the next up from the cheapest. ..let me just say the staff was AWESOME, & they were friendly in every way and my teeth look fabulous and I am glad I went there.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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those teeth look fake and cheap, but glad you like them! i wouldnt wear them, everone gets the same ones!


Great over all experience. Went in to have three teeth extracted.

Same day X-rays and fitted for flipper. One week later, picked up perfectly fitting partial with matching teeth color.

All before paying a dime! Nice people excellent dentists.

to Cornelius #1482410

your a lie, affordable dentures in conroe are so bad they call the cops on MANY people who go back after fraud and *** slaughter work! the teeth are all ugly!

all of them look like dentures from the fortys! horrible and leticia morticia the docs girlfriend is a con and doc too!


As one of the people this butcher hacked, I say you are lying.

It cost me over $10k in surgeries, before I could buy more dentures. This ***, cost me over $20k thru theft and repair.

More than 2 years later, the Texas Board of Dental Examiners, has done nothing.

So many complaints to the BBB, you can't even file anymore. Go ahead. Believe this lier.

Give him your money. After reading so many stories, I hope you get the exact same treatment I did!!!


You are one of the few lucky ones. The one in Mount Dora FL is horrible and way overpriced. They are crooks.


So glad to see someone take the time to actually write a positive response. I am not a fan of this company but they seem to have done right by you so GOOD FOR YOU!! They look great.


Were did you purchase and what was the price on the better quality. They look very natural .

Boise, Idaho, United States #915684

Sure would have looked nicer if they had used longer upper front teeth that extended up to your lip. But clinics like this don't inventory but a small number of denture teeth molds.

Glad you are happy, honey!

Need to think about what you will do in 25 when you don't have enough bone left to hold in dentures anymore.

Didn't warn you about that probability? Oh, well....

to Henrius Chicago, Illinois, United States #1217466

How sad is this ...... are you a freaking dentist???

She looks beautiful. I can't stand negative *** people...what do your teeth look like Henrius?

to Peach #1482413

its the truth, they look like cheap plastic

to Henrius #1482411

this is standard machine made dentures, yep could have done better, but glad she likes em! she doensnt know they could look way better


Well this chick is among the very few who got away partially lucky...definitely not the story for the rest of us!! Helllllooooo!

Again...this site is for pissed customers...which outways the positive results by far! Look at the number of pissed customers honey...more than a couple which shows this franchise has Major ptoblems in each state and its in every area of the office from front desk to back area including the lab! Be receptive to these reviews people!

Majority rules and is self explanatory!!! Beware!

to Ohmyis why14 Porter, Texas, United States #897590

I posted because the majority of people that have good experiences don't usually post their good reviews, birds of a feather, flock together! People have bad experiences everywhere.... well I had a good experience there, sorry but your luck cup cake!

to Ohmyis why14 Atlanta, Georgia, United States #938610

You are Sooo right they are not ran ethically!!! Will add charges to your plan.

. BEWARE !!!!!

to De #1484259

yes added 2000 in charges i did not receive, after the slaughter and i could get out of bed, i looked, charged for gum surgery i did not get, or i would have been able to eat and not loose 20 lbs, and leticia morticia cisnerous the docs girlfriend gets the money up front, telling me i could get the dentures free, to help me, haha nope after the massacre the charge was 950.00, and 1000 for gum surgery, lety and doc slaughter wilson are a tag team of cons, 8 weeks i have no teeth, toothless hair dresser, paid 4000 lost 2000 of work, im not gonna stop till they close up the chop shop!

to Ohmyis why14 #1392692



you are gorgeous!

Topeka, Kansas, United States #895275

Why did a pretty girl like you want all your teeth yanked out?

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