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New teeth! Sounds great.

Affordable Dentures? Must be the place to go since ALL they do is dentures. Perfect. Scehdule an appointment for my wife and I.

I went first. Teeth pulled and temporary dentures in place. Horrible fit. Went back at designated time and had adjustments.

Still fit horribly. Temps in for a whole year. Then time for permenant ones. It has been months and I cant were the bottom ones and the top one just dont seem to fit right; to the point my speech has been altered.

I went to a REAL dentist and he tells me they are do not fit properly. They are to long front to back on the top and he said the bottom ones are crooked. We have called and complained and went in for additional adjustments. They just cant be fixed!!!

The new dentures will cost me around $3000.00. So AFFORDABLE DENTURES??? Absolutely not. I didnt mention the terrible service and disrespectful staff.

Nor, the fact I had to see an oral surgeon to graft skin over exposed bone as result of the dentist at A.D. pulling my teeth!!! AVOID Affordable Dentures!!!

In the name is wrong, Jack!!!

Signed, Pissed Off Customer, Eddie Carroll

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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They broke my cheekbone and jaw bone attempting to remove a molar then had to see an oral surgeon to pull the molar they never could get out.


I am soooo glad I did not go there. Saved the money and went to a real dentist.

Sometimes cheaper is definitely NOT better. Thank you all for saving me from a potential nightmare.

Better to do it right the first time. :x


We need to all get together and file a law suit against them .

Ed Carroll

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