I wanted to get some dentures and, of course, Affordable Dentures is the first one to pop up in the search. I found this site and got a little discouraged about them upon reading all of these reviews.

I sent them an email with a link to this page and asked them what guarantees they could give me that none of this would happen to me. I explained that if I couldn't get said guarantees in writing, I would be taking my hard earned money elsewhere. When I hit the submit button, my email was rejected because of "blacklisted material....pissed consumer....etc." So, I gather they know all about what's wrong with their company, but seem to be uninterested in correcting the problems.

I went back to the email, put in a few spaces in the URL and I was able to send them the email. I really hope they call or email me back!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Location: Latrobe, Pennsylvania

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Do you really think any dentist can give you a guarantee that nothing will go wrong?


Don't get your hopes up waiting on a response.

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