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Last month I had extractions & a full set of dentures made..of course they didn't fit perfest when I left so I thought when the swelling went down I would have them fixed right...WRONG !!!! They were so rude to me ..wanted more money for another full set...I have a 1 in overbite..can't eat..still on a liquid diet cause my teeth don't touch !!!

HOrrible...they don't even have a kind word...just this will cost you this..this will cost you this much !!! DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME & MONEY....but on the way home I saw All Care Denture service ..talked with them..very professional, compaaionate about my situation,,,dentures much cheaper..pleasant atmosphere..the office was even nice unlike affordable dentures....I LOVE MY NEW TEETH...THANK YOU ALL CARE....don't waste you time or money on Affordable Dentures ..they are a rip off

Monetary Loss: $1400.

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We had the opposite experience and appreciate the dentist and staff. I would recommend affordable dentures in bluff city to everyone.


After 2 tries , I went to Affordable Dentures in Bluff City , Tenn . I am thrilled with the results .

Had never had lower dentures , but had top dentures for years . The new top dentures are a perfect fit , and the lower are going to be very good when I adjust to having lower dentures . The staff listened to me when I explained the problems I had with the other try , and did exactly what I wanted. I could not be more pleased with the staff and the dentures I got .

By the way , it was only yesterday that I got them . Thank you so much . Would recommend Bluff City , Tenn. to anyone needing affordable dentures .

I got the ones that cost $1195 . The other place was charging me $3000 , and put horse teeth in my mouth , and said take it or leave it .

I left it .


Well Patta i am glad to hear all-care went through that for you i was treated like *** i paid in full all i got was lies and ***

and anyone reading this DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME & MONEY WITH ALL-CARE!!!!!

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