Porterville, California
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Previous review of this group - Comment to Seasoned Dentist: If this person could afford $3,500, I'm sure they would have spent the money gladly. This is not a sleazy clinic and it's supposed to be AFFORDABLE.

I paid their top price for a new denture wearer package and so far my experience with their temporary dentures have not been good. The teeth are way too small. The staff is only nice until they have your money.

I don't get my final set for several months and in the meantime, when I've gone in for adjustments, I find the staff to be extremely rude. They do not communicate properly and other patients leave angry.

I am planning to post everywhere possible to warn people to avoid this group.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Just because a chain clinic has the word "Affordable" in the name, means nothing. One can pay to put anything in an advertisement.

Just look at what a disaster the "Affordable" Care Act has been- anything but affordable.

@Seasoned Dentist

Wow, yet another comment on a dental review, by the infamous and obviously knowledgeable Seasoned Dentist, this person trolls dental reviews and makes comments, sometimes the comments are opinionated, and sometimes the "Seasoned Dentist" puts reviewers down by making degrading comments. Either way, what a waste of your time to comment on dental reviews, as if you are the know it all dentist who can comment or cap on people's reviews. I doubt you even are a Seasoned Dentist at all.

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