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Affordable Dentures employed bait-and-switch practices, and failed to honor a current promotional discount they advised would be honored. After reviewing their website and to save money, I advised my sister to get dentures from Affordable Dentures.

I was paying the bill as she could not. The website at the time listed "Everyday low fees $580" for a full set. Upon visiting the office, LP (my sister) was told that price was wrong it is $595 but hey are "temporary" dentures. Nothing on the website lead me to understand they were not fully serviceable denture sets.

She was then "switched" to the mid-grade which would cost $1100, but come back in 2 weeks after further healing. When she visited that time she was again "switched" to the Ultimate dentures by the explanation she would need a periodic reline at additional cost for the lower grades. To me, this was classic bait-and-switch. The cost became $2330, nearly 4 times the advertised "as low as" price and $708 more than the price her original dentist offered.

She was convinced by the argument of additional necessary services. Also, as I was paying but not present, living several hours away, I went again to the website to better understand the pricing and discovered a promotion of $150 off the set until 5/6/17. I called at 3:15 on 4/6/17 to request they honor the promotion but found they close at 3pm. Next day I called back with my request, explaining I could not drive several hours the previous day to present the coupon and LP had no computer or internet to have found it herself.

I spoke with an employee Tieysha, who said she understood I was paying the bill and was not able to reach her the previous day or drive up to present the coupon. I offered to scan and send the coupon. She said she would honor the coupon but did not request I send it. On 4/10/17, LP returned for an adjustment to her dentures and was told they would not honor the coupon as promised.

Despite speaking with the manager and explaining the unusual circumstances of being only the payer and not the recipient of services, she said the home office would not honor the request, despite the previous promise to do so as it was company policy. There seems no practical reason they would not honor a promotion intended to draw new customers given I (LP) was a new customer and they agreed verbally to do so.

Had I lived in the area I could have brought the coupon by that afternoon or next day but apparently it was not important as Tieysha did not request it when contacted. We would have met our original goal of saving money had Affordable Dentures not employed questionable advertising and bait-and-switch practices.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $150.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Affordable Dentures Cons: Bait and switch, Deceptive ad, Unfulfilled promise, False promises, Misleading advertising and bait-and-switch practices.

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Come on, did you really think your sister could get good dentures for under six hundred bucks lmao


First of all, I don't think I would try to use coupons to pay for brain surgery or heart surgery or extractions or denture fabrication. I am not saying that fabricating dentures is as hard as brain or heart surgery, but doing it right is a lot harder than you patients think.

Sure cannot get any denture worth a flip for $580.

To do it right, it takes at least 5 appointments, then several adjustment appointments after that.

As soon as teeth are extracted the bone and gums shrink and ANY dentures need relines. That is why we try to convince numbskull patients to save their teeth rather than extract them.

But they always think they know better than we do.

Guess your sister will try Aspen next which is the King of denture flim-flam outfits. Never would you think of going to a reputable dentist.

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