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I went to Affordable dentures to have two teeth removed and purchase a flipper. They would not provide a temporary flipper or partial.

They instead, wanted to pull all my teeth and sell me dentures. BEWARE! they are in business to make money and sell dentures not help people with their teeth. The dr.

barely even checked my dental xray before she tried to intimidate me into a full pull. The first words out of her mouth were all your teeth need to be pulled. She did not check my teeth physically.

My teeth are not all loose and even if they were, I should have the right to purchase a temporary flipper. Bait and switch.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

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Did this to me years back then gave me a partial that kept breaking and they didn't uphold the warranty and when I reported them for it I somehow got poisoned for making the dentist mad and ended up sick for months shortly after ....


Drop teeth and broke them on 11/25/2013, went to affordable dentures on veterans hwy. arrive at 8am 11/26/2013 and was told no more patient would be seen until 12/2/2013 because of holiday and they were short staff, they posted notice at 8:40 a.m.

and announced manger was not in YET. There was 3 other people with same problem we watch as the staff was just standing around.

Affordable Dentures on Veterans Hwy Metairie, La is not concern about their patients only the money.


this complaint reflects what my previous post said. She was told that a flipper was not the better treatment.

Her other teeth were unsound. That is not bait and switch.This is ethical dentistry. No one is bullied, they are informed.

Affordable consults are $20. She was told no so she libels the practice?


I am tired of dealing with ignorant patients too. Maybe Linda should have gone to the local dentist....he would have told her the same thing and charged her 10 times more!


Linda Raya,

I love people who talk about things they know nothing of. You said you went to "have two teeth removed and purchase a flipper." What made you think you need 2 teeth removed?

This is a medical office not somewhere where you order off a menu. Sometimes it takes just one second to look at the x-ray to know that the patient has severe periodontitis and all teeth need to be extracted. Patients need to realize they don't get to dictate treatments. How can the patient know how to treat when they have no knowledge?

The job of the dentist is to tell you what you need, not to do what you want them to do. In fact, they will be liable if something bad happens later on even though it's what the patient wanted. It's like you going to a doctor and he finds out that you have high blood pressure. But you tell him you only want medication that will INCREASE your blood pressure because you're ignorant and you don't know what you're talking about.

Is the doctor really supposed to make you happy and give you the medication that you want??

Please use your brain before you start posting complaints online. If you have questions or concerns, your time would be better spent communicating with your doctor about those issues.


You are so rude. pissed off dentist I hope you get pissed on and lose your license you ***. One day someone is gonna punch you in the face, maybe break your jaw, hopefully you lose some teeth


Linda Raya,

I love people who talk about things they know nothing of.

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