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Initial visit was in 2010 when I had 13 teeth pulled, fitted for a temp denture & returned later for my permanent upper denture. No problems & other than the initial pain of tooth removal, a pleasant experience.

In 2014, I dropped & cracked my denture. Before I could take it in to be fixed, I ended up breaking it in half, leaving it unfixable. I went in last week to have a new upper made. I will now be going back to have minor adjustments made.

I have never had any of the problems that others have experienced.

I will say however, that any time I am considering making a large ($) purchase, I contact the "Better Business Bureau" to see it they have any complaints on file. It is then my decision as to whether I want to take my business to them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Fair pricing.

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Gee, a denture cracked in half is the easiest kind of repair to make, and costs a LOT less than a new denture.

I am not from Georgia, but know there is a dental school there. It used to be called Medical College of Georgia.

With a dental school in your town, if you wanted to save money, why on earth would you not go there instead of some clinic making mediocre dentures?

A more valuable resource than the Better Business Bureau is the State Board of Dentistry, to see if the dentist has any disciplinary actions. If so, regardless of the price, I would steer clear.

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