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For years I had problems with my teeth. After bearing the pain, at 28 years old i was looking at options for dentures.

Seemed crazy to me that i would go from not seeing a dentist for over ten years to getting 21 teeth extracted. Affordable dentures did it for me. They got me to do what i needed to do, and QUICK (or so i thought) My "E-day" was April 7th 2015. I had the most OUTSTANDING dentist care i have EVER RECEIVED, I had Dr Nolan Lathrop do my extractions and immediate dentures.

The man even prayed with me before surgery, I was blown away by his compassion, speed, personality, and effectiveness. My meeting with Dr Lathrop he discussed his concerns for me getting dentures at a young age, while he agreed they were needed, he said he did not want to see the regression in my jaw bone so he decided we would leave in 7 of my bottom teeth. My Eday came, and it went GREAT!! and so we battle the recovery and after treatment.

i was rather shocked when i was leaving after my appointment, there was very little discussion about after treatment and future treatments, They told me to come in for a reline after i healed. so i did. My first temp reline was 6 months after my initial extractions. No one called to discuss how i should keep them up or how often i should visit, just come when you need to...I bought the Ultra Package for my upper dentures, according to my invoice it says that i was charged for an economy set for my bottoms, cast iron, and i really didnt give it much thought considering i bought a "package"...i blew it off.

Went in for my reline at 6 months post E day and got my first reline, where staff then told me my package includes free relines for as long as I'm wearing "temps"Another 3 months roll around and i came in for another reline. They once again, fit like a glove, Left happy. I expected I'd receive a call in regards to my permanent teeth around my one year anniversary, but never did. i figured I'd mention it at my next appointment.

Then life got busy. My schedule would not allow me to get in for another reline until October 2016. No big deal, they relined me, not asking or prompting anything about m permanents, which i found odd. My next appointment would be in june of 2016.

I made the appointment for Friday June 10th over the phone. i arrive on june 10th on time and get seen 25 minutes later. The dentist said i needed to come in and get my perms, that i should have had them by now and he didnt do a reline. Instead, we set up an appointment to have my bottom 7 cavity filled and cracked teeth extracted, and replace my partial denture with a full bottom denture.

The doctor said on friday that he would set me up with new "temps" on monday for no charge because he needed to get the bottom 7 teeth extracted. I left. with no reline and flopping upper teeth only to come back monday morning at 830 am to get impressions done, x rays done, then at 3pm i was to be back for surgery. 3 pm i show back up.

i wait and wait for the dr to actually be able to pull my teeth between patients. he would pop in, do one thing, turn off the head lamp and be gone with other patients for 20 minutes. then he would pop back in do another task and off he was to nurse another patient...it was KILLING ME, my anxiety was through the ROOF and i said it numerous times. finally, he was satisfied with the numbing and did the actual extractions..

Out my teeth quickly came, before i knew it he slammed the new ones in place and tells me to open my mouth and *** down with my uppers (unrelined) In, so i do and they of course, drop, clanking onto the new ones. he pushed them back up tried to get a suction, couldnt, did it AGAIN, they fell, he said, "Ok well you're all set then..."and he started his good bye mannerisms, i said, "wait, i need my upper denture relined too??!" he goes oh well is it a temp yet? i said YES, by this time the guy should KNOW this. so he asks if i could do that another day.

i said no. I wanted it done that day because its too difficult for me to come there every day as i live and hour away, he agreed to do the reline but was crabby about it, told his hygienist, sabrina to do it, of which she did, but REALLY??? the guy was going to send me out with my dentures flopping right to the bottom but yet his sales pitch said he was concerned about the 7 teeth we should take those. On my awkward way out, i left with what i didnt think would be the last time i would be comfortable in my teeth.

a quickly done reline that i had to fight to get. i was scolded by the hygienist to come back in 3 weeks to a month to get a new reline because i was "waiting too long between relines" he informed me that my temp relines were only good for a short period of time. feeling like we maybe waited a year and a half too long to break this news to me, i complied and returned in a month for another reline. my appointment was scheduled for 1130, the staff decided they had time to take me in early.

i went in and the hygienist goes over the normal, why are you here question, i stated i needed an upper and a lower reline on my temp dentures. he paged through my chart and said he refuses to do my upper reline because i've been wearing those temps much too long and my reline period is over. i attempted to explain that they dentist said i'd get a whole new upper temp when i got my bottom 7 extracted, which never happened. he sent me out with my old, ill fitting pair, almost without a reline, but i assured him that my tops were only being worn during the healing period of my bottoms which were newly extracted (June 2016) that D rivera insisted i dont get my permanent impressions done as i was healing on my bottom yet.

they hygienist told me that he cant do it and asked me to remove my bottoms, i said, "listen, i need both sets relined, and if it takes a call to corporate to suggest you do this for me, i can have that done right now. the man looked at me and said that if i threatened to call corporate that the dentist would treat me with a bad attitude and or even refuse me as a patient!!! at this point i felt uncomfortable and decided to record the rest of the appointment discussion. he told the hygienist to do the reline, and the attitude kicked in...they took my tops, gave me the WORST reline i have ever had.

they didnt ask about pinching they just blew my teeth off with the air gun and said here you go. the hygienist didnt even use the tool to cut the access impression, my pictures prove that he literally ripped and pressed with his fingers and adjustments he needed to make not really giving any attention to detail of his work. immediately i put them in they pinched something fierce on my left upper, my middle upper didnt feel right because of a divit his poor work created, and my bottoms were pitted and had sharp points i had to file down in order to wear. i was NOT happy, the hygienist once again scolds me, he said you havent had your teeth relined in a year, thats way too long, he didnt like it when i responded with, "if you could read a chard properly you'd see that i had them both relined last month, thanks." infact, i called the 1800dentures number the following day to explain my dissatisfaction to someone i thought would help me do this logically..

I spoke to virginia howards, a corporate rep who apparently has no one above her to contact other than the legal team. she told me that Milwaukee would give me the refund for my teeth but first i had to bring my teeth back to the milwaukee office in order to start this process.

I'm in a loss for words. The dentist and his team that treated me disgusting has one final chance to humiliate me and corporate approves it. no patient confidentiality here, i'm supposed to hand my teeth over to some receptionist!!

I am disgusted with this "service" and at the same time absolutely broken hearted that i'm right back in the same boat of going through this teeth purchasing again. Im scared that this happens to other people, and I'm embarrassed that this happened to me. After all this humiliation and frustration, and over 5 thousand dollars i sunk into this "journey" I''m left with the option to return the teeth for my refund and I'm on my own from there. I think its terrible that I entrusted in a company for a treatment plan that was poorly discussed, not followed, and poorly executed.

I think its SICK that they want these *** ill fitting dentures they screwed up back from me before they begin my refund process. i think its humiliating to the patient to have a situation such as changing managing dentists control your treatment, Affordable dentures let me slip right through the cracks of their treatment and made it ultimately my problem in the end to find a new set of teeth.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Adell, Wisconsin

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I have been treated the same way. I only saw the Dr 3 times.

I still don't have my finial uppers yet. I think they are scams. Are they even dentist. The dentist gave me medicine to pull my teeth that I MADE my blood pressure drop 95 over 48.When I left I had passed out.

to go to another dentist to have my 29 teeth pulled that visit was October 5 2016.I still don't have my final


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