I have had nothing but trouble out of my "premium" dentures. I opted to get MDI implants which helped with the lower denture.

I had to go to an office in Amarillo to get them and have since lost 2 of the o-rings. I called our local office to see if i could get them to repair them, was told I have to go back to the original office because they might use a different size, so to make a long story short. They offered to make a new set of dentures that I would have to pay for again...the round trip would be 8 hrs on the road, but the local office is 20 miles from my home...WTF.

don't go there, ever!

Store Location: Midland, Texas

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You ain't seen nothing yet. Wait until your MDI mini-implants start falling out.

Usually happens between 1 to 2 years later. Good thinking getting dental implants in a El Cheapo chop shop like AD!


Has anyone gone to the office in Riverdale UT


Why would you ever believe it would be any different at another office? Same corporate owner.


Is ther anybody who has gone to the office in Audubon, NJ.



havent been there yet except for x-rays


maybe you should have went to your local office to begin with.

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