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I too went to affordable denture one year ago. He seemed nice, schooled at Case Western, I thought he would do a great job.

Agreed for him to remove a toxic metal bridge and pull my teeth. Although they were healthy and free of gum disease, just attrition. Was having severe side affects from the metal bridge which had been placed on six healthy teeth because of attrition. Dentist disregarded my severe pain and bone fragments from where the bridge had been removed.

Said my body would eventually absorb them. Went to an oral surgeon and he removed more severe ones. Went back to AD for dentures, dentist yelled at me because I went to an oral surgeon and said over and over again if I wanted my money back. Devastated and scared I agreed signed paper and left.

After a few months more I went to another AD office. Dentist was so nice, his lab tech was a hands on guy. It was great! I really thought God was smiling down on me.

Lab tech made me the most beautiful teeth I was so happy! They need to be closed a bit because I have a rather small mouth. The dentist then started talking black lives racial stuff very quietly when no one near. Told him I felt it was a divide the people and conquer tactic.

That we were all one and the same. Dentist then said he had to make some adjustments before teeth were made. Came back horrific! Lab tech kept apologizing, said he needed his job, dentist then gave me a refund, office girl called me six times apologizing for what dentist did.

Told her it wasn't her or the techs fault. Pretty much gave up... it is now a year later, went to yet another AD location. This time purchased the basic denture instead of ultimate, there was a 3/8 to 1/4" opening between the upper and lower denture teeth on the right side of my mouth!

Left side of denture teeth touching.... they said " You bought the cheap ones, it's a one shot deal. Nothing they could do. I should have bought the ultimate ones.

" dental tech was amazing and ground teeth to give me an abstract illusion of normalcy although only three teeth even touched. Couldn't take the unfuctionl teeth and upgraded to the premium. After the ranking dental tech kept yelling at me to upgrade to ultimate, take out a loan for them over and over I only agreed to premium. Teeth touched, made them short and crooked on right side and the bottom teeth extra high on right side.

Front teeth were extremely pitched inward towards back of mouth and the surface was rounded off like me half a marble. Then the teeth had been polished so hard the whole tooth is exposed, looks like they go all the way up! No top to them! Demanded to see the dentist.

They remade the teeth... forgot to put the Bicuspid teeth in the denture ....placed the two front teeth off center the left side of my mouth by 1mm to 1 1/2mm (extremely visual) ... lastly they wrote my name in dark ink on the visual side of denture gums covering half of my mouth!!!! Heartbroken !

I have given up. No where to turn when you don't have the financial resources to go to a high price office.

I wish I am the exception but unfortunately I think this is the norm today.... God Bless Debbie

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NOBODY can tell your midline is of "1 to 1.5mm" to one side or the other.

Labs don't use "TOXIC METAL" to construct bridges.

Dentists don't put bridges on "healthy teeth with attrition." They place them on teeth next to spaces where teeth have been lost. Bridges are to REPLACE MISSING TEETH.

The state REQUIRES labs to put the patient's name on the denture. This is so that if the patient is institutionalized, patients' dentures will not be mixed up.

All these failures at Affordable Dentures and you just kept going to other Affordable Dentures?

You don't need a dentist, you need a PSYCHOLOGIST!


" Devastated and scared "

OK for nuclear war, not a trip to the Dentist.

Why do so many people "yell" at you ?

Do you ever "yell" back ?

How could you take a product snafu like this lying down ?

Someone called you 6 times ? Not likely.

Stick with the facts. I'm sorry you've had such a horrible time of it, but it sounds like you tried to cheap out with the economy model. And the Dentist is irrational to leave fragments in your gums. He just didn't want the true oral surgeon to discover the lousy extractions.

Getting your money back is a good place to start. Now, about the damages ... you failed to maintain a paper trail of your complaints.

I don't think that telling the judge that a secretary "called 6 times" to apologize is going to in your case. Good luck, I'm sorry for your situation - mine is not very good either .

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