Indianapolis, Indiana
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I took my client to affordable dental after making an appointment the day before. When they saw that he was disabled they refused to see him; saying that they had to refer him to Riley Hospital.

What they didn't tell me was that it takes months to get an appointment with Riley Hosp.. My client has visible signs of disability but if you actually took the time to interact with him; you would find that he is no different from you or me. The receptionists claimed that I must have the wrong place; however, I wrote down the very same address and phone number that was on the awning over their door. There was no reason that they would could not see him other than the fact that they didn't want to treat him because he was disabled and not because the disability caused a break in communication.

I was so pissed! My client is a great guy how understands directions. Don't ever go to affordable Dental on East post Rd in Indianapolis, IN.

God forbid you became disabled mid-treatment.

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