Apparently the service you get is entirely dependent on where you are. I've heard patients say never ever would they go back to the Savannah GA facility, but everyone seems to like the office in Jacksonville, FL. My experience was in Charleston, SC. It's an experience that could I roll back the clock and have a do over, I would never select the place again. They are cheap by comparison. The concept is terrific. But in the end, you get what you pay for. I would have preferred paying more in hindsight and gotten quality service and product.

In addition the services offered are not uniform. What one office is willing to do, another isn't. For instance, Charleston office is willing to do the mini implants with natural teeth still in place in the upper jaw, and Jacksonville isn't. As near as I can tell, Jacksonville has a *** good reason. Charleston wants $$$.

Prior to going to Charleston, I've had the same partial for almost twenty years. Never needed an adjustment and they have worked fine. The lower I had a partial that was working okay, but could have been more stable with a different design. It was remade and for the second time, fit like a glove. It was precision work. But I had insurance then.

Not having insurance now, and needing dental work that went way beyond my budget and having had a real tooth break off, I was looking at a big bill. The alternative was to pull the remaining teeth and get a full lower. The decision was correct. The selection of who was to do it was not. It has been a horrendous experience. Quality control does not seem to exist.

As I said before, everyone I've talked to likes the office in Jacksonville Florida. Finding someone who likes their experience in the other offices seems hard to find.

Dr. Adkins office in Jacksonville is attempting to fix a bad lower denture at no cost to me, for which I'm grateful. I'm not sure it isn't a "mission impossible" however. Unless you are willing to travel to Jacksonville, I'd say stay away from these Henry Ford type assembly lines.

Monetary Loss: $854.

Location: Fort Myers, Florida

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