I had the rest of my teeth extracted in October 2010, and they said they work with us and we work with them. this office is Horrible!

No appts, but if you make one, 3 weeks ahead, they can get you in. I drive 100 miles one way, and yesterday i went to get adjustments, and after 2 1/2 hours of waiting Jennifer, calls me to inform me they cannot see me, and said why didn't you make an appt. this girl is so darn rude to everyone, she needs to find a different profession and not work with the public. i got into it with her on the phone and i told her one time, i am not arguing just have the Dr.

call me. she said he will call you at "his" convenience, and hung up. he called and left a message on the answering machine, so i never talked to him she never verified my phone number of where i would be. this office needs to either get more dentist or set up appts.

I would NEVER recommend this place to anyone.

this place is not cheaper because by the time you drive, take the day off work, and maybe you will get in. once they have your money they Might see you.

Location: Socorro, New Mexico

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This place is horrible!! It's not at all like the commercial puts it out to be..the staff need more training..the lab people due terrible work..but if you want teeth that are gritting,& look like chicklet gum & wait all day just to get a discount,believe me I made the worst mistake going to them.

I would have been better off going to a pro. Dentist.


This place is awful and such a waste of time! I waited 5 hours and was not even seen was told to.

ome back another day even thouh I was there way before 9 as their website states is same day service.

I am kind of relieved too as I waited all I heard and saw were very unhappy customers. This place is awful get a good dentist and a good set of dentures!

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