Marietta, Georgia

Please people don't through your money,this people are the wast people I have ever experienced in a dental office and they don't even know what there are doing. My first visit I ask for partial dentures the permium and it came out wrong wich I paid $ 710.00 guess what the whole them thing came out wrong and wrong color both upper and lower dentures the I was mad I told them to fix it and they said well we can't do nothing about it because you sign for it am like really, ok I went ahead I do upper partial again I paid & 950.00 and that came out wast the first day I reiceve it I went home and it was not rite I went back there for adjustment they all have attitude I almost fight with them for second time of denture u cannot make it right and u having an atitude and rude and she is like next adjustment we going charge you for that because we already did that am like really after all I paid I feel like they own me and they should return my money back for the first denture.please don't waist your money fine some were else but this people are the wast...

Monetary Loss: $1660.

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Why did you go to a dental chain in a shopping center to get removable prosthetics?

Why do denture patients always try to find the cheapest place to get dentures and partials, then complain about the results?

You do know that making good dentures and partials that fit, look, and function well is a very complicated and expensive process?

It is one of the most demanding tasks we dentists do. Gosh, the metal part of a partial alone costs me $260 from a quality lab. It takes 5 to 6 appointments for me to fabricate a partial, then 3 to 6 more appointments for adjustments. You really think you can obtain something like this for $710?!?

I charge $1900 for a partial denture with a metal framework and it is worth every penny.

I don't know what to tell you. You made a poor decision in choosing a dentist and now you are paying the price.

You set out to save money, and chances are you spent more money than if you had gone to a reputable dentist. Hope you learn from this mistake.

@Seasoned Dentist

You right, and I did learn my mistake I should have not gone there at all, I just wish I don't .I hope one day or the other this company goes down

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