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I was 10 minutes late to my first visit. It was dark, i missed my exit and was coming from another state.

No excuse though and was thoroughly berated in front of two other staff, by the manager i assume. I almost cried as it took 5 years to get the nerve up to even get this dental work done. Everytime i tried to explain what had happened, she talked over me. Talked down to me, she made me feel very uncomfortable.

When i said dont condescend to me she talked to me even more as though i had no sense. I take it, she is not used to anyone standing up for themselves thats how she handles it. I even apologized and every visit was more tense than the last. Now i want to change offices to the state im in and being told no, i have to go back to the office started at.

So now i sit here with my account in limbo and a soft partial needing built up and nowhere to go.

If you call this good service you can keep it. I will never advise anyone going to this office unless you like being treated like a 2nd class citizen.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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1. Anyone who drives from another state to go to a fleabag outfit like AD is certifiably cuckoo.

2. A responsible person, when appointed to a new facility, leaves home WAY EARLY so they can still arrive on time even if they get lost.

10 minutes was probably a third of your appointment time! What do you mean, you have "nowhere to go with your "soft partial needing built up (?) There are competent private dentists in every corner of the US and you think your only option is going to a sleazy denture factory like Affordable Dentures????


You sir are an *** You must work for Affordable dentures.


Find a real dentist in your area. These dental mills are really not the best for quality dental care. Read the reviews on this site for Affordable Dentures and Aspen and you will see what I mean.


QUOTE : "thoroughly berated" . I would have preferred you relate the exact (or as approximately close as blind rage permits you to remember) dialogue that occurred.

In that case, I may have been 100% sympathetic. Or not, some folks are easier to hurt than others, hypersensitive I might think.

Regardless, you didn't need any more anxiety than you had already experienced and it is extremely poor practice for hired help to do or say anything to increase a person's discomfort. That was poor treatment from the beginning by the least helpful member of their staff ; someone who should be the face of calm reassurance when acting as the point person for the business.

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