Approximately 2 months ago I went to AD to have a new set of dentures made. Took impressions from old teeth, gave me the try pair and they seemed to be OK. When I got teeth still seemed to be OK. Bottoms seemed a little tight but thought it was because new, but had to go back for a sore place and the top denture would not stay in, I mentioned this to the "young" girl and she told me I would probably have to wear Stickem( these are new teeth the reason for getting new ones). Went home was going to give them a good try. Also the front of the teeth was crooked. Was told that would look more natural. Wore them for a l/2 month. My bottom denture was too narrow and was giving me a headach (would fit inside of my old one. Long story short the person making the teeth did not have a clue as to how to make them. The Yound girls did not have a clue about dentures. I saw the dentist 2 times. I told them I was very dissappointed did not ask why, just stared at me as if I was a GOOFY old person. Sothe teeth are in my medicine cabinet and I am now wearing my old teeth until I am able to get some new ones.

Location: Pasadena, Texas

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