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Affordable Dentures
Main address: Patient Services Center 28503 Kinston NC
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  • 1 day ago
  • Dental Services
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Permanent Dentures
  • 1
  • 55

They took my money and dropped me before getting my permanent denature. I paid total of 3,000 dollars and all they gave me was $125. That isn't even half of what the upgrade was!! Am I PISSED? You betcha. I went to have my implants and the Dr. refused to do it!! I was told that if it weren't for the fact that I paid in cash for the upgrade, I would owe them money. Me pay them more...They are... Read more

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  • Aug 13
  • Dental Services
  • Wilmington, North Carolina
  • Disrespectful Attendants
  • 3
  • 309

Went in June 2 2014 for a full extraction because I had gum infection and disease. Half way through the pulling, I asked the doctor to give me minute, he said, "you aren't going to pass out on me are you?" "If you want we can stop right here and you can go somewhere else." I was sick to my stomach and told him to continue. I was told to come in anytime for adjustments. I had to go back 2 times.... Read more

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  • Aug 12
  • Dental Services
  • Sugar Land, Texas
  • Overcharged Dentures
  • 1
  • 238

It began with my walking into the front office, slipping on the floor, ending up on the floor with a dreadful bruise on one hand when I had attempted to break my fall but instead hitting the side of it on the edge of the desk. A later inventory shows bruises on my other forearm, shoulder,knee and strained shoulders. I had to ask for ice and a way to wrap my hand. The first question from the... Read more

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  • Aug 11
  • Dental Services
  • Dental Appointment
  • 1
  • 108

Appt at 10am. Arrived at 9:45 got called back at 11:08 after being given excuses. How about a refund of my hourly wage. Read more

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  • Aug 08
  • Ex Employees
  • Disrespectful Customer Treatment
  • 1
  • 259

I worked at affordable dentures in Austin, and bad taste and bad manners are indicative of everyone's attitude in the office especially in the lab whereas you have the lab manager who thinks because people come there with Medicaid or Medicare they should be treated in a different fashion and manner.The quality of teeth and the construction of the teeth are ridiculous. The dentures were mixed up... Read more

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  • Aug 07
  • Dental Services
  • Gums In Pain
  • 4
  • 147

I had all my top teeth pulled and temp plate put it same day,my mouth was burning I just assumed it was from all the work they had done. After weeks still burning and my gums would not heal they didn't tell me till 11 months later I was allergic to the denture material, they also said I was a rare one and they could not help me, its been 16 months still burning continues no help from them but was... Read more

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  • Aug 06
  • Dental Services
  • Unfitted Dentures
  • 1
  • 175

Paid almost $2000 for my dentures. The temporary ones never fit right and they still don't. Would've liked to have those I can put in when cleaning my others. They cracked on me and that's when they decided I was ready for the permanent (which I wasn't, my gums were still shrinking) I Got the expensive ones which fit better but now dont. Used to be able to get in to get them fit the same day I... Read more

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Went to affordablefor my first set of dentures they remove 90 and made a set of dentures the bottom have never fit in my mouth now one year later I am still hoping to have a bottom set I still do not they refuse to realign or just anymore do not use affordable dentures Add comment

  • Aug 05
  • Dental Services
  • Upper Denture Plate
  • 4
  • 151

Grandson had good luck in getting upper plate at a different loc. I went to Woodbridge. Went back twice after receiving final plates because of bad fit. Then notice teeth in upper plate was all out of line. This caused the tip of my lip to fall over the middle of one of my front teeth. They remade the plate but was same results. I do not think they actually did re=do. The girl in front office... Read more

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  • Jul 31
  • Dental Services
  • Horrible Dental Service
  • 3
  • 155

Hada temp set made horrible. Then when it was time for the permant customs I was very unhappy asked to make a chenge came back they were still horrible asked to make another appointment to bring in my old set I was asked to leave a was tood I would be give a paricial refund. Paid 3,000 and was refund 980. Cant afford to go anywhere to get a new set so im stuck with brken dentures. I'm getting a... Read more

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