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Extremely rude office staff. You'd think after they accidentally glued my dentures to my implant pins and spent the next 7 hours cutting the dentures out and made me come back the next day, they would be a little nicer toyou and not treat you like an inconvenience. Once they have your money, forget customer service! Add comment

Both my husband and I went to Affordable Dentures in Charlottesville, VA for partial dentures. After traveling over 70 miles, we arrived in early AM, had x-rays, teeth extracted, and dentures made in the same day. My set of upper partials broke after two months. I brought them back to Charlottesville. They took another impression, and returned an unbroken denture to me. Four months later, they broke again IN THE SAME WEAK AREA. Shoddy... Read more

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I went to the conover,nc affordable dentures to get top and bottom teeth. 8am appointment, took xray about 9:30, back to the dentist chair close to 10. the dental assistant was a little nervous, that should have been a red flag. dentist came in, started talking trash"you can pay for a bicycle and expect a jet airplane" on and on then worse. he then said they had "standards for work" of course he wouldn't do anything. i paid 90 dollars foe xray,... Read more

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Went to affordable dentures in Hopkinsville, Ky to have my husbands denture repaired while he was in hospital recovering from heart attack. The office staff was very rude and short with me and my daughter. Add comment

I went to this office this morning 05/12/2016 at 7:29am. People were lined up in the front. Offivce opened at 7:35am. Signed the checked-In sheet. I was in this office from 7:35 till 10:00am. People who came after me were called in. When I asked the receptionist what time that they will call me in ..her response was "We have one doctor today. Doctor will decide the time to call. *** and unacceptable response. Patients should have called in... Read more

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I am a first time denture wearer and went to Cartersville's Affordable Dentures and everyone there was so friendly and helpful! After hearing how horrible it would be getting dentures, I was totally amazed how easy it was! I went in on Monday 5-9-2016 and returned today 5-11-2016 and had the waxed set placed to make sure that they fit, and I cried because I finally had teeth again! The dentures fit PERFECTLY! THANK YOU Cartersville Affordable... Read more

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Needed dentures to replace current ill-fitting dentures from another denture place. Old ones were very painful to wear and teeth were not set in straight. Dentist basically said the ones I had were good and he couldn't make new ones to fit any better than old ones. He wasn't interested in trying to help. At one point, when trying to ask a question, he said "will you let me finish my sentence?" He was dismissive and arrogant and quickly ended... Read more

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Horrible experience. Needed to have new partial with one tooth made. Made appointment and had molds made. Waited a month and heard nothing. Called and left a message, heard nothing. Called again and was told they tried to call me twice the previous week. phone log. One missed call and no message left. Made appointment for following morning. The first tooth in no way matched my teeth, the second try was somewhat better. I... Read more

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Went in needing a $7500 partial fixed, told me they couldnt fix it cause it was not theres and i was new to Texas but they could build me similar one for half the cost. They tried convincing me to pull 5 more teeth but i only agreed to 3. When wife picked me up after surgery dentist said I was good to go and had everything I needed in bag. Failed to mention to me or wife they were closing for over 3 weeks for holidays. When I woke up to eat... Read more

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Affordable Dentures - Awfully Made Dentures and poor service
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I've been a denture wearer for almost 10 years, I needed a new set. I went to affordable dentures in Kenosha, WI. because, well affordable. The first appointment the woman just stood there harping the benefits of dental implants. At $1,000.00 a piece, needing something like 5, ummm no, I'm here because 'affordable'. "No"..."are you sure because...", "we have credit you can apply for"...really pushy...I wish I could but no, can we move on to new... Read more

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