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I feel same way. Close Affordable Dentures! !!#!!!! I have suffered with my gums for three years now. To appoint that I have stiches in my mouth thinking I had cancer. No cancer thank God but the Dentist and Dr said it was my dentures. Advise me to get a new set. I try to talk to the place I went to and they r rude won't help and doesn't care. I had to accept her pulling a good tooth... Read more

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I had a full upper set of custom dentures done early in 2015 and while they fit well, broke in half in 2 weeks. This went on for 2 more sets and although I still have some of my lower natural teeth, this should not have happened. ( I still have my immediate original upper from years ago) Patel is a nice enough dentist but without a refund policy and the assembly line conditions there (new road),... Read more

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I went to get a new set of dentures as my originals were over 10 years old. I got my originals at an Affordable Dentures in Rockford Il. I loved them they fit perfect but after 10 years they had become loose and I wanted that same fit I got with my first set. I paid for the premium set and they took my impression. Called my back to come in for the wax fitting. I complained that the upper denture... Read more

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Dr Wilson is VERY rude and so is his staff, had full set of dentures made and they were always breaking. Couldnt go 3 months at a time without them breaking in half or one of the teeth coming off the base.Dr Wilson said I was to hard on the teeth, isint chewing what I have teeth for ? I wouldnt let him touch me ever again. Add comment

Went to Dr. Farhad Kiani, he has been all over in every state. Shoddy work on dentures, had to change locations in Ca., as he refused service. I paid CASH for the most expensive plan. Went to another location, got the permanent, still cannot eat. Going to a "real" Dentist next month. I contacted the Ca. Dental Board, they would do nothing. I had 10 golf crowns, and I wanted them, was told by... Read more

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This guy is a thief having paid for a full set of their top of line dentures it is been over a year and I still have the same temp dentures he gave me the first day. Every tine I would go into the office there were people complaining about something. When i finally requested a refund i was told his lawyer would handle it but still no bbb refund and no teeth also the dentist will not return my... Read more

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Had new dentures 3yrs ago,LOVE THEM, going back in 2wks for another set,(getting more teeth pulled). And i live in SC Add comment

Made a appointment for a denture reline at the office of dentist Sibera Brannon in Sun City, Phoenix. If you want a denture reline "BEWARE", dentist Sibera Brannon in Sun City, Phoenix has a devious policy of requiring a full mouth X-Ray, and fee that adds $135 to your bill, if it's your first visit and they don't even inform you ahead of time. I travel a lot and have had several denture... Read more

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After many years of being a patient, the new dentist wanted to xray my upper teeth to check their health before repairing my denture. Cha rge was $130. I told her I had no upper teeth but she refused to see me unless I agreed to the xray. I walked out. Went to another dentist & got my partial repaired with no xray! no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no nno... Read more

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My review is not resolved...they refused to Virgina Howard and some lady name Kathy of Patients Complaints was as unconcerned as the Denist who took my money and messed me up... They dont care they just want your money ...Dont Go There! Now I have to file a lawsuit for negligence , if any thing brcsuse od Virginia Howard un carring attitude is what prompt vme to file the suit . T hsnk you... Read more

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